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January 10, 2017
Hello All,

Well, I believe I am going to put my site to bed.  I rarely come in and check-in on it.  I have lost something...  I'm not even sure of what it is I lost.  Hopefully, I will find it here because I feel like a part of me is missing.  Do you know I haven't written one political poem?  And between Donald Trump "The Donald,” Ted Cruzs "The Liar" and now Hillary Clinton "Crooked Hillary" ~ I'm sure there's plenty to write about.  Because this is only two-thirds of the Republican party & half of the Democratic party.  The Democrats seems to be a little less volatile but they've had their moments also.  Can you believe I missed all of it...  So I am back in my cubbyhole trying to find myself (that is so 1960's) WOW.  I can tell you this with all of the people running for president in both parties, people we are so screwed.  If this is the "Best America" has to offer ~ We're in for some real hard times.  I believe that the rioting in the streets that we've seen over the last several months is an indicator of what is to come.  So stand up for your 2nd Amendment Rights ~ The Right To Bear Arms.  I know who I believe is the lesser of the evils running.  I have watched every debate, caucus and primary.  I can tell you this ~ There are no Lincolns, FDRs, JFKs or Ronald Reagans out there.  So start reading up on who's left.  Know who they are ~ What they stand for.  Know who you believe can "get along with" and "stand-up to" America's friends and foes.  America needs her friends.  Unfortunately, we have lost many in the past eight years.  We can thank President Obama for this.  Above all else, please remember a smart man is not always the best man.  Patriotism out ranks smart.  A Patriotic President will always do what's Best for his or her country ~ In our case America.  Well, I guess I did have something to say.  One more thing, we need a President, that will take care of our Veterans.  They should be paid fairly, medical insurance is a must and they should not have to wait six months to a year for a doctor's appointment.  Last but not least, their families should not need FOOD STAMPS so they can eat.  This is a Disgrace and the American Government should be ashamed!!!  Now, I think I'm done.

Well I'm back and let me say I hope you all had a "Happy New Year."  I left my letter above because this is just an add-on.  I truly hope someone enjoyed my World News Poetry, because I loved writing.  Not writing hurts ~ So I am going to have to let go for a bit.  With God's Grace I will be back.  To all of our American Vets ~ Thank you for standing in front of us.  Because of you we have not fallen ~ Each and everyone of you have been a "God Send & May God Stand With You Always."

Nice chatting with you,



ALEPPO ~ 2016


Who dat chil ~ Who might he be?

He be so little ~ No bigger than a flea,

He just sittin ~ Almost like a stone,

Who dat chil ~ Just skin and bone?


Who dat chil ~ Who looks so sad?

Staring off ~ Seein somthin bad,

Not cryin ~ Not even a tear,

Who dat chil ~ A statue of fear?


Who dat chil ~ Amongst the rubble?

He lives in a war ~ Every day's trouble,

This day ~ Bombs took his brother and home,

Who dat chil ~ Surrounded by loam?


Who dat chil ~ Does the world see?

He be so quiet ~ No will to flee,

Food sent ~ By the U.S. of A,

Who dat chil ~ Food bombed by Russia planes?


Who dat chil ~ That has no clue?

His world is war ~ As chaos ensues,

Syria and Russia ~ In concert it seems,

Who dat chil ~ Living in nightmarish scenes?


Who dat chil ~ Just a babe?

How many more ~ Pray to be saved,

Bring all dem chils ~ Scared and alone,

Who Dat Chil ~ Bring’em On Home.


JerriFaye Thomason © 2016


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To ALL of Our Veterans and that includes

Our Warrior Dogs  ~  Thank You.


Today's News ~ Is Tomorrow's History

Our World In Poetry" is dedicated to "Our World" & "Poetry." It is an observation of the events that make up the world we live in. All news stories are researched and all pictures in this book are accompanied by the author's name. The pictures trigger a memory and the words hopefully captures the heart. People like to read about things they know or remember ~ This book does it in rhyme and the accuracies still hold true. It is also an heirloom that pictures, names & ages, and how some of these events affected their lives can be written down. Then they can be handed down to "Tomorrow's Children."

The "Painted Cave Walls" ~ Of Eons Past,
Have met printed word ~ With a camera cast,
Not yet a dinosaur ~ Bound Books shoved to the rear,
As digital emerges ~ Progress begins with a tear.

As I stated earlier this is my tribute to 'Our World' & 'Poetry' & You. It is a treasure trove of Illustrated International News written in rhyme. It is written in plain English with no hidden meaning. Everything has been researched so each piece can stand on its own merit. I know in my heart this time period can be passed down to "Tomorrow's Children." These words and pictures hopefully will make them laugh, cry and understand some of struggles of our era. With all my heart I pray that "Tomorrow's Children" ~ Our children's children will have conquered our demons and will know inner peace. I have no words of wisdom for them ~ Just a few words of fragmented truths depending on a society past.


(a.k.a. JerriFaye Thomason)


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It is the best video I have ever seen.  It will touch you ~ I Promise!

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Thank You Jesus,

Thank You Jesus for “The Old Rugged Cross,”
For all You’ve give us ~ And for those we’ve lost,
Thank You for staying and not walking away,
For hearing our words as we pray,
Thank You for wearing the “Crown of Thorns,”
For baring the pain ~ Our sins ~ You mourned,
Thank You for the spikes in Your Feet and Hands,
For telling Your Father ~ They don’t understand,
Thank You sometimes goes unsaid,
Yet, You forgive ~ And love instead,
Thank You for the spear in Your side,
For the blood You spelt ~ When crucified,
Thank You Jesus ~ For today and tomorrow,
For the happiness now ~ And then for the sorrow.


Really, thanks for coming in and reading His words.  He just allows me to put them on paper.  For that, I am grateful.  I realize that these poems are not religious, but they all let us know that He is here.  He may be silent ~ But, He is not gone.  God has given us so very  much and for the most part we ignore and neglect His words. It may be time for us to look around at
"Our World" and realize that we are in trouble.  
He is here ~ He does see ~ He does listen ~ 
~ Silence does not equal gone ~
~ Silence equals free will ~
~ Dialog is the answer ~
~ He Is The Way ~
~ So Pray ~

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