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This Letter is for All People,

I normally do not actively engage on government vs. public and/or personal issues because it always seems to divide instead of unify.  Well, it's time to have this discussion concerning people with disabilities.  Politically speaking this is a small group with the least representation (12.6% in America). 

It is a dilemma that is growing and the majority of people do not even realize this problem exists.  If the everyday person has no family or friends with disability issues then they are less likely to know the truth of what's going on.  I do not and have not ever wanted to be an advocate for anything.  However, the time has come where someone needs to speak up and shine a light on the government medical insurance quagmire.  I am dab-smack-in-the-middle of this problem.  It truly is not a fun place to be.  My problem, yes...  And no!  America needs to know the truth also.

Now, let me introduce myself, I am JerriFaye Thomason. I am 61 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy.  For the most part ~ Not a problem.  I have lived a normal and happy life.  I never had pain with my CP until the last few years, and did not realize that many people with CP did.  I had many problems, yet for some reason, I didn't notice them, while there were others that was all they noticed.  I was never allowed to use my CP as a crutch to limit the living of my life.  Life was great...

Several years back, I went to my family doctor for a regular visit.  He wanted me off my Norflex which helped control my head and neck pain. (Because I had three neck surgeries).  My headaches became massive and I had to find a pain doctor and yes he prescribed the medicine for me.  Life was improved...

About three years ago, I went to my doctor and he took away my Mobic for arthritis and would not replace it with a different anti-inflammatory.  Here is where the problem began!  My ability to walk became harder and harder and yet my doctor held his ground ~ And I lost mine.  I can walk about my house but I can no longer just stand (standing is unbearable).  I now know what real, life-altering pain is.  I went back to the pain doctor and he started injections for my lower back and hips.  Life has changed... 

Once again off to the family doctor (no, I didn't learn a thing ~ I actually like my doctor).  This time he took my Valium from me and this time, I lost the ability to speak.  No one could understand me.  At this point, I became angry and mean, but yet I didn't connect the two.  I don’t know why.  Friends were dropping like flies!  I knew I had a problem but I couldn't stop myself from being difficult.  Now I had to find a neurologist, I did and he helped.  Once I started the Valium again my voice improved (not back to normal) and my anger dissipated.  Life was better...

My phone rang last week and my favorite doctor wants to speak to me about another medicine.  The doctors blame the DEA for ALL of these changes.  I was told where to find an agent but when you go or call, you're told there are NO DEA agents here.  Needing to know why became a mission.  Life is stressful...

So I have been trying to understand this obsession of doctors taking medication away from people who need it to live.  A person with cerebral palsy along with others and their disabilities need their joints and muscles to stay active so their bodies will continue to work.  Once their limbs tighten up, they basically freeze due to the pain they are living with; it is like an ice pick jabbing you over and over.  It becomes easier to stop moving not because they want to, but because there's no winning against the pain.  Physical therapy becomes a need; for without movement, this person has just lost.  You should also know that although the pain lessens when you sit down, it NEVER goes away. The quality of life is gone for the person with a disability; all because of the government's involvement in the medical system. Doctors are not allowed to be doctors anymore.  Life with pain...

The medical system is rigged in so many ways it's unbelievable.  The hospitals have bought out the doctors.  The doctors now work for the hospitals and take orders handed down.  What once a family doctor could do for a patient is over.  The patient may be sent to one or two other doctors.  For example, if you're sick and have an ear ache, they now pass you on to an Ears-Nose & Throat doctor.  You are no longer supposed to talk to your doctor about more than one problem, only for the reason you're there.  If you have more problems, then you will need to schedule more appointments for those issues.  Happily, I can say my doctor always took time to make sure I was okay, even though he did have to send me on.  Since Big Brother stepped in ~ Logic walked out.  Everyone has been affected including the doctors.  My doctor is tired of fighting the system. 

The insurance companies have fixed it to where they will not pay for more than one medicine in the same group or medication listed with a different insurance company.  If it isn't carried by your provider, then that person is billed.  A doctor can contact the insurance company and then your prescription can be filled.  At one time a doctor could do this and it could be waived up to a year.  Then it went to six months, and now it is monthly.  You can see why doctors don't want to fight the system.  Life is problematic... 

The truth is people with disabilities can't survive on a system like this.  They need someone to fight for them.  Our quality of life disappears quickly enough without this kind of help being doled out. This is not fair to the person with a disability or their families.  This is because their parents are older and weaker themselves and do not have the same strength and stamina to care for their children as they once did.  Then you have to ask yourself about the challenged person with no family, who helps them?  Remember this group only represents 12.6% of the population in America.  I have no answers, but I do know that this is just plain wrong.  I understand that our nation has a huge prescription drug problem and that the DEA is trying to stop the Opiates and Benzodiazepines addictive drugs which have become an epidemic.  Yet, there are people that need these prescriptions to just survive.  This group of people needs to be on an exempt list because they’re not trying to get a buzz.  They want to keep their body functioning so they can live their lives free of fear.  In the “Book of Life” I’m fairly sure that’s not asking too much.  Life isn't fair...                                                                 

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  I hope you find it informing and worthy.  If so, please stand up for those you know and love ~ And for those you haven't met. 

Truly, I Thank You,

 JerriFaye Thomason  

Mr. President Trump ~ We Have To Chat
Well Mr. President Trump ~ It’s time for a chat,
The American people ~ Never know where you’re at,
Mentally speaking ~ You’re all over the place,
And Kindness is rarely seen relaxed on your face,
You’re like a “bull-in-a-china-shop” ~ This is true,
What you say and do next ~ Nary a clue,
As the President of this Great Land,
Your people should understand you ~ The man,
However, if the truth were known,
You scare your own people ~ On soil called home,
You’re rude to America’s lifelong friends,
You belittle and you talk down to them,
Best friends with dictators ~ On foreign shores,
While hating the democrats ~ Right next door,
A lack of respect ~ Is what you see and hear,
Sometimes it’s true ~ They’re not being sincere,
When giving your word ~ Be a stand up man,
Honor your promise ~ Have insight with a plan,
Cameras catch each word you speak,
All you say and do ~ Is critiqued,
Walking across the isle ~ Is a-thing-of-the-past,
It doesn’t have to be ~ This too can pass.
Yes, there are other issues that should be addressed,
Please stop crossing your arms over your chest,
 It’s not a good look ~ It’s brutish, childish and mien,
Again this isn’t presidential ~ Not a way to be seen,
Even your dictator friends ~ Have a token look,
They understand the game ~ Even if they’re crooks,
They smile and chat ~ For all the world to see,
They do it for the news ~ Their defacto decree,
They kill their very own ~ Behind closed doors,
Until they’re ready ~ For an all-out-war,
Your new best friends ~ Kill at will,
Saudi Prince Salman ~ Had a reporter killed,
He had a name Jamal Khashoggi ~ He almost had a wife,
You prefer to deal in arms ~ Ignoring Khashoggi’s life,
Yes, the democrats talk back ~ And refuse to deal,
Know that a war of words ~ Has no blood to spill,
So remember Americans ~ May bicker and spat,
You’re the President ~ Find your inner diplomat.
Yes Sir, still more to discuss ~ More to be said,
Considered a blue-blood ~ Still you bleed red,
The people you hire ~ For the West Wing,
You humiliate them ~ With words that sting,
Over and over ~ You go on attack,
If Trump is maligned ~ You become a twitter hack,
Your staff has feelings ~ And families that hurt,
Think of others ~ Before dragging them through dirt,
You hire smart people ~ But listen to none,
As they become exasperated ~ They cease to be fun,
 Your imaginary revolving door ~ Is waiting for lunch,
There’s always a chance ~ There could be a brunch.
One or two more items on the agenda this day,
You believe it’s okay ~ To say what you want to say,
As long as a Trump said it ~ It must be true,
Mr. President, a lie is a lie ~ Even for you,
Making fun of a person ~ Shouldn’t make you feel big,
You should have apologized to that man ~ On National TV,
Lying Ted, Pocahontas and don’t forget Mr. Magoo,
You’re the President ~ A role model for American youth,
Senator McCain your target ~ This quote came from your lips,
Like him or not ~ He and millions of others were/are American Vets,
"He's not a war hero.  He's a war hero because he was captured.
I like people that weren't captured,” ~ Ever heard of the Rapture?
On to the wall ~ That you promised Mexico would foot-the-bill,
Where’s your honesty? ~ It’s time for you to get real…
You made that promise ~ That Americans wouldn’t pay,
Now the government’s shut down ~ A promise you say?
You told Schumer ~ You’d be “proud” to shutdown the government,
That you’d take the blame ~ You didn’t, you stood in judgment,
America was framed by patriots ~ Calling for the tired and poor,
Reform, yes ~ But not by shutting out help and locking the shores,
Compassion and helping ~ Is what America does best,
If you strangle her ~ It will be Lady Liberty’s death,
So please try kindness ~ For humanity’s sake,
Find some old friends ~ And then reacquaint,
Make fun of no person ~ Because they look odd,
It only makes you ~ Look like a clod,
Tower over no one ~ Unless you’re helping them up,
Remember your lies ~ Is your first step to corrupt,
“They're coming to America, They're coming to America, Today-Today...”
These Reverent Words By Neil Diamond ~ Is Still The American Way.



 JerriFaye Thomason ©


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Today's News ~ Is Tomorrow's History

Our World In Poetry" is dedicated to "Our World" & "Poetry." It is an observation of the events that make up the world we live in. All news stories are researched and all pictures in this book are accompanied by the author's name. The pictures trigger a memory and the words hopefully captures the heart. People like to read about things they know or remember ~ This book does it in rhyme and the accuracies still hold true. It is also an heirloom that pictures, names & ages, and how some of these events affected their lives can be written down. Then they can be handed down to "Tomorrow's Children."

The "Painted Cave Walls" ~ Of Eons Past,
Have met printed word ~ With a camera cast,
Not yet a dinosaur ~ Bound Books shoved to the rear,
As digital emerges ~ Progress begins with a tear.

As I stated earlier this is my tribute to 'Our World' & 'Poetry' & You. It is a treasure trove of Illustrated International News written in rhyme. It is written in plain English with no hidden meaning. Everything has been researched so each piece can stand on its own merit. I know in my heart this time period can be passed down to "Tomorrow's Children." These words and pictures hopefully will make them laugh, cry and understand some of struggles of our era. With all my heart I pray that "Tomorrow's Children" ~ Our children's children will have conquered our demons and will know inner peace. I have no words of wisdom for them ~ Just a few words of fragmented truths depending on a society past.


(a.k.a. JerriFaye Thomason)


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Thank You Jesus,

Thank You Jesus for “The Old Rugged Cross,”
For all You’ve give us ~ And for those we’ve lost,
Thank You for staying and not walking away,
For hearing our words as we pray,
Thank You for wearing the “Crown of Thorns,”
For baring the pain ~ Our sins ~ You mourned,
Thank You for the spikes in Your Feet and Hands,
For telling Your Father ~ They don’t understand,
Thank You sometimes goes unsaid,
Yet, You forgive ~ And love instead,
Thank You for the spear in Your side,
For the blood You spelt ~ When crucified,
Thank You Jesus ~ For today and tomorrow,
For the happiness now ~ And then for the sorrow.


Really, thanks for coming in and reading His words.  He just allows me to put them on paper.  For that, I am grateful.  I realize that these poems are not religious, but they all let us know that He is here.  He may be silent ~ But, He is not gone.  God has given us so very  much and for the most part we ignore and neglect His words. It may be time for us to look around at
"Our World" and realize that we are in trouble.  
He is here ~ He does see ~ He does listen ~ 
~ Silence does not equal gone ~
~ Silence equals free will ~
~ Dialog is the answer ~
~ He Is The Way ~
~ So Pray ~

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