Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning OriginalsAuthor of Award Winning Originals



Thank You Jesus,

Thank You Jesus for “The Old Rugged Cross,”
For all You’ve give us ~ And for those we’ve lost,
Thank You for staying and not walking away,
For hearing our words as we pray,
Thank You for wearing the “Crown of Thorns,”
For baring the pain ~ Our sins ~ You mourned,
Thank You for the spikes in Your Feet and Hands,
For telling Your Father ~ They don’t understand,
Thank Yous ~ Usually goes unsaid,
Yet, You forgive ~ And love instead,
Thank You for the spear in Your side,
For the blood You spilt ~ When crucified,
Thank You Jesus ~ For today and tomorrow,
For the happiness now ~ And then for the sorrow.



I went and read a medical review on a step by step detail of the crucifixion.
 Then he, Dr. C. Truman Davis, told how each wound and the crucifixion itself affected Jesus’ body. You can read his article by clicking on this link:
The picture of Jesus also came from this site.




Trying not to write what I believe,
Only reporting what I see,
Yet, as events unfold before my eyes,
My heart bleeds ~ My soul cries,
I always thought that God was All,
To all believers ~ To all who called,
Religions are different in worshipping terms,
But all prayers went to a God confirmed,
As I watch this war play out,
Is my God theirs? ~ “NO,“ I shout ~
To my God ~ Killing is wrong,
They cheer and chant almost in song,
The Infidels ~ They must kill,
To enter Heaven ~ The Qur’an instills,
They believe, truly they do,
That it’s okay to kill me and you,
This war is different ~ A doctrine the foe,
Soldier against soldier ~ It just isn’t so,
Car bombs a daily routine,
Beheadings on national TV,
They also kill their very own,
No sin committed ~ No sin to atone,
A people lost ~ Afraid to be free,
Rejecting a goodness ~ Refusing to see,
How could our God be one in the same?
Believing everything that they proclaim,
My God welcomes and forgives,
My God loves all who lives,
My God is good ~ My God is just,
To My God I’ll Pray ~ In My God I’ll Trust.




As the dying pass through time,
Leaving family and friends behind,
Questions of “why” are quietly asked,
By those who work on burial tasks,
As tears and prayers are being said,
A family’s main worry is for their dead,
Are they alone ~ Are they afraid?
Do they know where they are laid?
Are they cold ~ Do they feel trapped?
In their coffin that is cement capped...
Then there are questions that are not spoke,
For just the thought makes loved ones choke,
Death is unknown ~ So there is fear,
What death is like is very unclear,
Is there a Heaven ~ Is there a hell?
Unanswered questions ~ An ominous farewell.


Here our prayer of Thanks Dear Lord,

For this food to make us strong,

For thy care to make us good,

For thy love to bring us joy,

In thy name we pray.


Author  -  Dr. Isaac K. Beckes

He said, let there be words.  And behold, Poetry was born.