Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning OriginalsAuthor of Award Winning Originals



Great Cats of Indiana and its Founders, Rob Craig and Laura Proper, are honored and privileged  to become a part of LSU’s rich history by being in a position to provide a tiger that is worthy of the distinction of becoming LSU’s mascot.

Click on“Mike The Tiger” and take a trip to:




To contact us regarding an animal emergency or rescue,

 call (574) 943-3412, 24 hours a day.

To contact us regarding any other matters, call (574) 943-3412 during normal business hours.

Email us at 

email is checked throughout the day, and is the best way to get hold of us.

Our mailing address is

Great Cats of Indiana

10471 E. US Hwy 24

Idaville, IN 47950


The animals in our care depend on us for every aspect of their daily lives. Their health, comfort and very survival depends on our willingness to care for them, and provide everything they need, when they need it.   We don't mind feeding animals in the rain, or carrying water through snowdrifts. We don't mind cleaning cages in the cold, or building cages in 100 degree heat. We chose to do this because we feel these critters are worth it.  We can't, however, do it alone. We need the generous support of people like you to help us keep providing for those who can't provide for themselves.

You can support our  work and help us keep providing for these wonderful animals. Select any of the links below to learn how you can help us make a difference in the lives of some really special animals.   Select the programs that work best for you, then jump in and start making a difference!


Our primary mission is simply to provide a safe, healthy and caring home to captive big cats and other carnivores who, for various reasons, need a home to live out their lives in the manner that they deserve. We are accomplishing our mission by providing professional animal care, high quality medical care and by working continuously to improve and expand our facility to keep up with the ever growing demand for the services we provide.

Our secondary mission is to educate the public, lawmakers, and today's children about the general needs and habits of these animals. Educating people about effective legislation, discouraging pet ownership, and teaching people about what needs to be done to assure these animals have a future are just a few of the topics we provide information about.

We feel strongly that knowledge is power, and by helping people understand the issues surrounding big cats is the best thing that we can do to assure that these animals have a future.



I have been talking with a man who works with Easter Seals.  His name is Michael Garberg and he is very interesting.  He does a wonderful thing for people with disabilities.  He takes donated computers and fixes them.  Then he and Easter Seals gives them to those who need them.  Mike has a waiting list of 172.  So I thought I would let everyone know of this program.  It is a wonderful gift  for those who are in need.  Right now the economy is hurting most families.  So if you have a computer collecting dust or know of anyone that does, please consider giving it to Easter Seals.  Mike will fix it up like new with Windows XP and then give it to someone who really needs it.  

Michael Garberg

PC ReUse / Distance Education Tech.

INDATA - Indiana Assistive Technology Act

A division of Easter Seals Crossroads 
4740 Kingsway Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46205
317-466-2000 fax

Disability Services.  Our emphasis is on ability.


I was watching THE NBC NEWS WITH BRIAN WILLIAM, and there was a charity on 
"Making A Difference."  This is different ~ It is anonymous.  You can find them by
going to:  You can donate to who & where you wish.  
100% of your gift will go exactly where you want it too.  The recipient can send a
"Thank You"  never knowing that they are thanking you.  The "Embarrassment Factor" 
 is gone.  This is what makes this a wonderful gift.