Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning OriginalsAuthor of Award Winning Originals





Warriors are a breed unto themselves,

They fight battles in the depths of hell,

They seem to be a restless lot,

Protecting the innocent as they were taught,
A warrior is a warrior ~ All of his life,
No time for kids or a wife.


A soldier is one ~ To the left or right,

Watches one's six ~ By day and by night,

A soldier has dreams of going home,

Raising a family of his own,

A person of honor ~ Who knew when to stand,

America is America ~ Because a soldier gave a damn.


Back to the warrior ~ Who silently defends,

Instinctively knowing an enemy’s den,

At home in the midst of an ongoing war,

Home to a warrior ~ Foreign lands on distant shores.

Warriors are solitary ~ With solitary souls,
Standing for rights ~ For truth to be known,

Warriors and friendships get lost in the storm,

Trust is a luxury ~ They rarely let form,

If there's a bond ~ With whom the warrior will sup,

 Twill be a warrior's dog ~ He found as a pup.

Warriors rarely have homes ~ Just land and sky,

They live on instinct ~ To keep them alive,

Alone or together ~ Without words or growls,

They survive by knowing ~ Friend or fowl, 

Quietly warriors roam through warring domains,

Entering realizing ~ No two exits are the same,

Yet they enter ~ As the winds of war echo a plea,

It's A Warrior’s Lot ~ To Serve Where There’s A Need.

JerriFaye Thomason © 2014

{Story Poem}






Prisoner of war ~ Is it yeah or nay?

His fellow soldiers state ~ Bowe walked away,

Five long years Bowe was a Taliban guest,

Friend or foe ~ It's anyone's guess,

No one wants to believe the worst in this case,

But look at Bergdahl ~ Look at his face,

His eyes aren't sunk in ~ They just look sore,

His loss of weight ~ Compare it to past wars,

He claims that he tried to escape,

So a box became his fate,

Afghanistan is a desert land,

If he lived in a box ~ How did he run or stand?

They let him play soccer ~ Is this not odd?

Maybe exercise ~ For trading his bod?

Reportedly his English had suffered too,

Go to YouTube ~ Listen and view,

Questions bring questions ~ Answers unheard,

Put the Sargent on National TV,

Let social media ask ~ As a collective "we"

Ask him questions ~ Let him use his words,
America not knowing ~ Is truly obsurd 

Logic isn't logic ~ When the scheme is insane,

One walk away soldier ~ For five Taliban brains,

The President kept both houses in the dark,

Yet, ninety others knew of his Presidential lark,

Hiding his intent ~ Makes this trade a hoax,

Sadly, President Obama ~ Is America's Joke.


Beginning with the past ~ Knowing the future will follow,

Past prisoners of war became shells ~ Forlorn and hollow,

Prisoners of war ~ Brutal wars of past,

Pictures document ~ “The skin and bones” facts,

The harshness of war could not be denied,

“The frailty factor” ~ With grace they survived,

A frozen wasteland ~ Or a rain forest of dread,

Soldiers beaten, starved and left for dead,

They didn't walk off ~ Leaving their troops behind,

Even when captured ~ They fought to survive,

Needing each other ~ Meant Hope still Lived,

They gave all they had to help each other live,

In that time, questions weren't needed of POW's seen,

Their bodies a testament ~ As Americans Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.



Even in Iraq ~ Cruelty was their way,

They enjoyed be headings ~ Not guest that stayed,

Al Jezerra relished these events like a fair,

Enlightening the world ~ One sided and without care,

So forgive the many that find doubt with Bergdahl's release,

Trading five terrorists ~ For a soldier? ~ Or a sleeper diseased?




Thousands of miles ~ And seas away,

Nigerian girls were abducted like prey,

Parents hurting, confused ~ Their anger grows,

Their government does nothing ~ Uselessness flows,

The girls were in school ~ Where they should be,

Ask any parent ~ Cross any sea,

This was their sin ~ According to the Boko Haram,

Girls shouldn’t learn ~ For this they were damned,

Three weeks passed and twelve more girls gone,

As their world tuned ~ From dusk till dawn,

As nations awoke ~ To hear the news spread,

Parents watched ~ With impending dread,

Governments jumped on the ban-wagon to help,

Nigeria’s President ~ Now says the same thing himself,

Schools have been closed across this aching land,

Soldiers dispatched to reclaim each girls hand,

Chief Abubakar Shekau with a video ~ Relays,

His threat to sell each girl off as "slaves."

Weeks have passed ~ No girls have been found,

Were they sold as slaves, wives or silently bound?

Were they moved to neighboring soil,

As their families live in a hellish turmoil?

Had the Nigerian government ~ Been tipped off?

Was the tip ignored ~ Like a cold or a cough?

These were their girls ~ Did they not care?

An uncaring government ~ A lie or unfair?

From one foreign nation ~ A cry finally heard,

A movement was born ~ Summed up in four words,

“Bring Back Our Girls” ~ Now on world news,

Thanks to the reporters ~ And video crews,

These girls now belong to the world at large,

Where money doesn’t count ~ There is no charge,

Hard to fathom this type of crime,

Where money means nothing ~ Nor does time,

Daughters of the world ~ Parents everywhere yearn

For ignorance of men ~ Feared what a girl could learn,

From Diane Sawyer ~ To Al Jazeera on the web,

“Bring Back Our Girls” ~ Is all that needs said,

From the Twittersphere ~ Where it never lagged,

For the 276: BringBackOurGirls ~ Said with a hashtag.




American Band Stand ~ If memories serves,
Where new bands went ~ And debuts occurred,
With an invitation ~ Dreams became a flicker of hope, 
For most ~ Bandstand was a survival rope,
Dick Clark the host ~ Changed lives in an instant, 
On that studio floor ~ They went the distance, 
As they rocked that world ~ An era was born, 
Bands and teens together ~ Became a generation torn, 
Not was it just live bands and teens, 
Blacks and whites met and danced on National TV, 
Dick Clark changed America ~ With one weekly show, 
Some wondered ~ If he had an inkling of where it would go? 
Pop Culture couldn’t be written without this iconic man, 
He dabbled in music ~ Like children play in the sand. 
American Bandstand did come to an end, 
Technology took over ~ Faster than men, 
Out with the old ~ In with the new, 
This man had to find something else to do,
He produced and hosted game shows too, 
Dick was a man ~ True to himself, 
He also became ~ A New Year's Eve Elf,  
He gave to All ~ "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve," 
Celebrating Hope ~ A nation’s mid-night wish to believe, 
Hope never wavered ~ By the cold, snow, rain or sleet, 
Millions came as one ~ An Infant New Year to Greet, 
Entertainers on the jumbotron ~ Could be seen and not heard,
Most of the people ~ Sang along knowing the words, 
As the New Years Ball descended ~ The World did slow,
With the exception of counting backwards ~ On top Dick had control...

~ A Look Back ~

He so enjoyed life ~ Mentally and physically he stayed young,
American Bandstand gone ~ Still there were songs to be sung,
In a studio with teenagers ~ And bands thankful for the debut,
Or perched on a tower ~ Purging the old ~ Welcoming the new,
He modeled his home  ~ After Wilma and Fred's,
For a cave family ~ It was handsome spread,
“America’s Oldest Teenager” ~ That nick-name truly fit,
His youthful image barely changed ~ As he showcased America’s wit,
Dick Clark revolutionized the world of music ~ Almost without thought,
If There Was A “King of Pop” ~ Might It have Been The One ~ Who Let It Rock?


Dick Clark

Richard Wagstaff Clark
November 30, 1929
April 18, 2012

JerriFaye Thomason

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Dick Clark biography –



Robin Roberts ~ GMA

Robin Roberts ~ GMA

~Part I~

Good Morning America ~ Seven days a week,

Familiar faces ~ Are those who speak,

As America tunes in day-after-day,

Each personality ~ Genuinely portrayed,

Overnight news stories professionally read,

Mixed with laughter ~ As folks rolls out of bed,

Diane ~ Robin ~ Chris and Sam,

Friendship and Love ~ Hand in hand,

When Robin found a lump in her breast,

Her friends were there for every test,

Love emitted through TV screens,

Prayers prayed ~ Dreamer’s dreamed,

Robin got better ~ Her cancer died,

No one wondered ~ Everyone knew why,

Faith and friendship will carry you through,

You sow as you reap ~ Know it's true,

Robin healed and times did change,

Diane and Chris left ~ Now, that was strange,

When they moved onward and ahead,

Some wondered if GMA was wounded or dead.

Robin and Sam stayed tried and true,

Helping George and Josh make their debut,

New people ~ New layout ~ A definite change,

Could it hold up ~ Would it sustain?

You learn their ways ~ Who they are,

Each one is different ~ Each one bizarre,

With Robin and Sam ~ Love is always seen,

Baiting and bickering ~ A daily routine,

George and Josh ~ Shockingly fit right in,

George is funny ~ Who knew he could grin?

GMA kept it a family ~ While delivering the news,

A family dedicated ~ More than a crew.

They shared themselves ~ The good and the bad,

Their eyes spoke first ~ Their gentle touches ~ Sad,

They spoke without saying a word,

The world waited ~ For words unheard,

Most knew ~ That something was up,

As Robin spoke ~ The shock was abrupt,

A blood disease flowed through her veins,

A side effect ~ Of cancer that waned,

So folks wouldn’t worry ~ She explained her picc line,

A new accessory ~ So she could medically dine,

With unwavering strength ~ She laid it all out,

Her voice did crack ~ Her spirit devout,

As the camera pulled back and panned the room,

It was obvious ~ Family and Friends were in bloom,

The room was full ~ With love and tears,

Diane held Robin's sister ~ That moment was dear,

Her sister’s blood and bone marrow ~ A perfect match,

Together they walked ~ Two sisters attached,

Her life in turmoil ~ She took time to reflect and play,

Time for Robin ~ To savor life’s bouquet,

So she flew to Viennese, Tuscany, Italy and Rome,

A poignant picture of her praying ~ To God at home,

Rested ~ Body and Soul,

God's With You Dear Robin ~ You Know This Is So.



Unrecognized Guid format.

Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts
 ~ Sally Ann ~ Robin ~ Dorthy ~



Before it was time for Robin’s medical leave,

Came an intense call ~ At home they should be,

Her mother of strength ~ Had grown weak,

She wanted her children ~ She needed to speak,

Robin told her audience of her mother’s call,

She bid her farewells ~ She and Sally Ann didn’t stall,

From New York to Mississippi ~ Quickly they went,

Their mom was calling ~ They knew what it meant,

The children now younger ~ Their youth bestowed,

As seen by their Mom ~ Her babies not grown,

She needed to impart ~ A mom’s message for life,

To say her “I love yous” ~ Kissing each one goodnight.


Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts

February 5, 1924

August 30, 2012  



~ Part III ~

You’re back in your seat ~ It looks so right,

You brought your smile ~ A wonderful sight,

Your pals and cohorts were bursting with pride,

Sometimes giggles ~ Are impossible to hide,

Millions of people ~ That you will never know,

They lifted you up ~ As prayers flowed.

You ingratiate yourself ~ By being you,

You’re the girl next door ~ Tried and True,

You are the face of GMA,

Whether serious or laughing ~ You start the day,

A lady at all times ~ Has earned you respect,

Look back and remember ~ Take time to reflect.

Your parents walked a more difficult road,

They lived by deeds ~ Lessons bestowed,

Four children they loved ~ Each made them proud,

All had their footing ~ On solid ground,

As they were called Home ~ By a whisper unheard,

Know they can hear ~ Silent tears and lost words.

At the depth of your being ~ Lost in despair,

Too much at once ~ “Life isn’t fair,”

As you prepared to say your goodbyes,

For those watching ~ With tears, asked, Why?

A call came in about your mom that day,

Your Mom had words ~ She needed to say,

You made it home ~ With Sally Ann in tow,

To hug and kiss your mom ~ To bare your souls,

She had her children ~ Her babies that day,

She needed to know ~ You four would be okay.


Gone full circle ~ Remember you’re well,

You fought three fold ~ And survived the “Gates of Hell,”

Your mom now gone ~ Sally Ann by your side,

Yet, the inner you knew ~ Your mom was your guide,

Believe and know ~ You were in the Hands of God,

After 174 days ~ He delivered back ~ Beautiful & Unflawed. 


Thank you Robin,

For being the best you ~ You can be,

You've made us laugh, cry, think & believe,

You made women look good ~ As you climbed,

Every step of the way ~ You had a good time,

I don't know if you met ~ Despair and cried,

My tears were instant ~ While asking why,

The answer came as people rushed out to share,

You made a difference ~ In how people cared,

The Donation Revolution ~ A donation of parts,

Bone marrow, blood, skin, eyes and heart,

You were the catalyst ~ And you did it with pride,

You were chosen to stand ~ Never to hide,

You did the "Cause" well ~ By bringing it out,

You made a difference - You made it count,

You know how to fight ~ You don't know defeat,

It was wonderful watching you ~ Reclaim your seat.

With Much Respect,


(a.k.a.JerriFaye Thomason)



I found one picture of all four of you children

including ("Buddy") with your mom.  I could

not get it to save to my computer.  I am sorry

and as soon as I can find another I will

exchange pictures.




  1. Picture found on Facebook

    Unrecognized Guid format.

    An Old Dog ~ And A Shelter

    Big sad brown eyes ~ Eyes of pain,
    Expectations of kindness ~ No longer remain,
    Beaten and starved ~ Alone and afraid,
    "No one cares ~ I’m tired ~ Not brave,
    On my own for so very long,
    I only wanted a home of my own,
    A little boy or girl ~ To call mine,
    A long ago dream ~ I couldn’t find.
    Now a man in a big box truck,
    Has stopped ~ And picked me up,
    God I'm scared ~ As I hear others cry,
    I ease down and ponder why?
    We're led in and put in a cage,
    The floor is cold ~ And fear fuels rage,
    Puppies whining ~ Kittens meow,
    Quietly I wonder ~ Why and How?
    The people feed us ~ Water too!
    Food and water ~ This is new...
    So tonight with hunger gone,
    I hope to sleep from dusk to dawn,
    Morning breaks ~ We go out for a bit,
    More food and water ~ I hope it don't quit,
    So as I listen to the veterans speak,
    What I hear ~ Makes my heart sink,
    Most of us have been hurt and dumped,
    Being rescued ~ Has me stumped,
    No one wanted me from the start,
    Knowing this ~ Still breaks my heart,
    If the old timers memories are truly fact,
    Being rescued: A prayer ~ And dying: Our last act.
    Some of the stories of lives they've led,
    Would kill the souls ~ Of the-already-dead,
    The water-boarded pup ~ With liquor clear,
    Man's best friend ~ Listens with tears,
    To see cigarette burns all over a dog,
    If I could write ~ I'd keep a blog,
    But dogs can't talk ~ And cats can't write,
    We need people ~ To set things right,
    Sadly it's the people ~ Who hurts us most,
    From the heartland ~ And coast-to-coast,
    Truth is ~ The humans will put most of us down,
    Because they need room ~ For the next round,
    Give us water and food to eat,
    Pet us and tell us that we're sweet,
    Give us a bath to hide our scars,
    Pretend we’re not emotionally marred,
    Take our pictures ~ Put us on the net,
    Maybe someone will want a shelter pet,
    A shelter pet ~ The words are wrong,
    We're not pets ~ So we won't live long,
    Just treat us nice ~ So we feel at home,
    As you put us to sleep ~ Don’t leave us alone,
    If your shelter can’t be a protective glove,
    Please stay and hold me ~ Pretend that it’s love."

    ~ Prolog ~

    Most of the cruelty and pictures seen,
    Were found on Facebook ~ With nary a scream,
    We die for our humans ~ "We're Man's Best Friend,"
    Yet, when it's all said and done ~ They kill us in the end.


I sent this poem & picture to the HSUS.

Pasted from <>



The Political Realm 2012

The Political scene has changed over time,
Behind the scenes are Political Crimes,
Issue vs. Issue ~ Is no longer the way,
Lost somewhere ~ Yesterday,
Missing are the party lines,
Blurred and overlapping ~ Tactically redefined,
Man vs. Man ~ This too is blurred,
Not always a him ~ Sometimes a her,
Color no longer the roadblock it was,
Honesty once steadfast ~ Replaced with “Because,”
Americans realize ~ Truth doesn’t matter,
Justice a memory ~ Hope wounded by daggers,
America needs a Presidential Guide,
A man of substance ~ Not one on a ride,
Honest answers is what Americans need,
Answers withheld ~ Political greed,
Political greed is balanced well,
One wonders: If there’s a political hell?
The National Debt ~ America’s grave,
China’s yen ~ Is the black-hearted knave,
Answers to questions ~ Truth redefined,
Lady Justice is blindfolded ~ Not deaf, dumb and blind,
Reporters hear ~ What they’re paid to hear,
They slant and pad until the news is unclear,
America’s ill’s ~ Are to blame past administrations,
The never ending flaw ~ No bi-partisan cooperation,
War is still plaguing ~ America’s world,
As American gallantry’s ~ Death tolls unfurled,
Hated by foreign lands – Is abundantly clear,
Americans aren’t stupid ~ They know war is here,
America has her hungry and weak,
Here again ~ No one speaks,
Medicare is the aim of each campaign,
Take more from the poor ~ Truly insane,
Politicians take raise after raise,
As school meals are cut ~ Hunger a phase,
Old poor ~ Move over for the new,
Insurance cuts ~ For you and you,
The ones in office have no personal strife,
Insurance ~ Days off ~ Pay & Raises ~ Payments for life,
The three branches ~ All elected on trust,
They’re Killing the U.S. ~ There’s no longer an “us,”
Watch the elect ~ They take ~ Not share,
Politicians have proven ~ They really don’t care…



~ Part I ~

“We Will Remember” ~ Said for the twelve,

For they didn’t survive the Dark Knight’s Hell,

A night of fun for the price of a ticket sold,

All ages came ~ From young too old,

Mid-night reserved for Batman’s show,

Seats were filled ~ Theaters overflowed,

An exit door opened ~ The Joker appeared,

He began his assault from front to rear,

Armed with gas, artillery and three guns,

He unloaded on an audience stunned,

Noise from the movie and bullets fired,

Confusion delayed met with unwelcomed desire,

Knowledge accepted ~ Some ran for the door,

Others sought cover by finding the floor,

“I’m hit…” words heard by some,

By others those words would never come,

Cell phones called police for “H-E-L-P,”

Help came quick and with stealth,

Four boyfriends covered their heart’s content,

As parents covered babies ~ That were lent,

Friends held friends ~ That had been shot,

Keeping pressure on wounds ~ Pray a lot,

Finally frantic fear ~ Began to subside,

Once free ~ With sound they could cry.

~ Part II ~

Family and friends searched with need,

As they exited the theater ~ Needing to see,

Seeing EMT working hard and fast,

Trying to save lives that came past,

Lights were flashing ~ People around,

Some could see ~ But without sound,

Shock was real ~ There was no doubt,

Everyone thankful ~ For those that got out.

~ Part III ~

“We Will Remember,” ~ Echoed the crowd,

Names on white crosses were read aloud,

Twelve white crosses ~ Stands beside,

The Theater ~ Where Twelve People Died.



GMA – July 22, 2012

This Week With George Stephenoplis – July 22, 2012

ABC NEWS With David Muir – July 22, 2012


James E. Holmes (a.k.a. “The Joker”)

Police search the car of suspect, James Holmes, 24, of Aurora, who was caught by police in the parking lot of the Century 16 Movie Theaters, where at least 12 people were shot dead. (ABC News)




His face held character ~ His eyes were kind,

His lips always smiled ~ On Faith he dined,

Laughter oozed from every pore,

This man was truly adored,

Friendliness was his to give,

This is how he truly lived,

He served his country for ten years,

The Navy took him from pier-to-pier,

Being an American ~ Of Italian decent,

As his momma directed ~ So he went,

His momma was right ~ Knowing he should act,

He took her word ~ And never looked back,

He was “Harvey” on Broadway,

Before he took off for L. A.

As “Marty” he won an Academy Award,

His peers acknowledged him ~ His public adored,

His voice lent to cartoons ~ With age he still grew,

A different stage ~ A different view,

He was a man ~ On life's quest,

He also knew ~ His life was blessed,

He left his mark ~ On the world he touched,

He Left His Laughter ~ Graciously, He Left So Much.


Ernest Borgnine

January 24, 1917 - July 8, 2012

Pasted from <>


Born Ermes Effron Borgnino and he died of renal failure Los Angeles, California, USA

Biography for Ernest Borgnine -

Pasted from <file:///C:\Users\~Me~\Desktop\Ernest%20Borgnine.docx>



Children across the globe,
No longer have arms that hold,
Disappeared from here and there,
Learning early ~ Life’s not fair,
Ripped away from homes of love,
Fear enveloped them like a glove.
Parents awake ~ To children gone,
They search the house ~ Then the lawn,
Confusion first sets in,
They know ~ It’s not pretend,
Neighbors awake to loud yells,
No answer back ~ The entrance to Hell.
Police are called ~ Reports are made,
God knows ~ Their baby’s afraid,
They’re the parents and terrified,
It’s safe to say ~ Everyone cried,
Search teams of dogs and man,
Have fanned out across the land.
But these children may not be found,
For these kidnappers work underground,
They are a ring of evil ~ One in the same,
Both sexes participate ~ Both are to blame,
These children are gone ~ Vanished in thin air,
This is the beginning of a living nightmare.
Back home as the community’s search,
People take solace in their church,
They still believe ~ This child can be found,
Putting fliers on trees ~ Trusting man and hound,
Prayers are sent up every minute of the day,
While underground ~ There’s a world of depraved.
Out of their element ~ Children can’t perceive,
They’re totally broken ~ Alone in their grief,
Being mistreated to instill more fear,
Doing as they’re told ~ Holding their tears,
If they want to eat ~ They’ll do as they should,
Children cling to each other ~ Fear understood.
Kidnapped children from far and wide,
Connecting the dots ~ Easier to hide,
Huddled together trying to find hope,
They needed each other ~ In order to cope,
Lost to the unknown ~ Lost in the underworld,
Parents everywhere pray ~ For their boy or girl.
Once they arrived ~ Where ever they were,
There was no going home ~ For him or her,
They were kidnapped and would be sold,
To whoever could pay ~ Is what they were told,
They would go in a room ~ S-E-X they would learn,
If they were at home ~ Their little cheeks would burn.
The children cried out ~ For moms and dads,
Terrified of life ~ The beatings were bad,
Always chained ~ Their skin black and blue,
Their screams of pain were paid for too,
The children worked ~They made a mint,
They never received ~ One Red Cent.
Yesterday is gone ~ Yet it lives every day,
Moms and dads ~ Can’t walk away,
The children mentally shut a door,
Finding a happy place ~ From before,
Both parents and children wonder why,
Parents: Why did we live? ~ Children: Why couldn’t I die?



 ~ Part I ~

August 2nd is the day being discussed,

The President ~ Two Houses ~ A national circus,

They have an income and insurance too,

They act as if they care ~ For you and you,

They take from the poorest ~ For newer poor,

Pretending to care ~ As they speak from the floor,

They never consider ~ That they could give,

They’ve never lived ~ As the poorest live,

Raising taxes on the richest of men,

Would affect themselves and their friends,

Count the advantages of the elected,

Try to understand why they’re infected,

Joining a gym the public can’t see,

Paid by taxes ~ For them it’s free,

Income and insurance ~ Is better than good,

The benefits don’t end ~ And that’s understood,

If they leave office for the private sector,

Parking free for life ~ A benefit protector,

They still get paid ~ After they leave,

Their insurance too ~ Hard to believe,

Most of America’s elected folk,

Become millionaires ~ Not a joke,

They live on beautiful estates,

Truly convinced this is their fate,

Private schools for their children to attend,

Vacations from ~ Dollars to pounds and yens.

~ Part II ~

The truth is when they were young,

Once middle-classed daughters and sons,

Raised in churches across this land,

Saying the Pledge ~ With heart and hand,

Chances are they wanted to help,

Once in D.C. ~ They found themselves,

Found they liked the extra change,

Realizing life could grow with gain,

For isn’t that the “American Dream,”

To have more ~ So there’s no need?

Yet do they remember ~ Who they were?

Do they ever miss ~ Him or Her?

Do they give of themselves?

To fill another's shelf?

Do they walk streets ~ They once knew?

Have they broke-bread ~ With you or you?

Have their children ever played street ball?

Or are they found in the richest of malls?

Being true to oneself ~ Is not always easy,

Passing it down ~ Is a gift of “Integrity.”

~ Part III ~

Forgotten people ~ America’s Heart and Soul,

Considered the bottom of the totem pole,

America has her old and young,

She has her hero’s ~ Left unsung,

She has her disabled and her sick,

She has her poor ~ Considered hicks.

~ Part IV ~

America’s debt ~ One she can’t pay,

So they threaten the weak ~ Day after day,

The president will hold social security checks,

The most vulnerable ~ He supposed to protect.

Democrats vs. Republican vs. The Forgotten,

The President believes ~ All can be boughten.

The debt ceiling he believes should be raised,

And taxes too ~ Has Republicans crazed,

They’re at an impasse ~ A tug of war,

The President and Gaddafi ~ Stomp on the poor.


May Prince William and his Princess Katherine
always be as happy as they look now.

God Bless You Both,

Our World In Poetry

I hope you can see Luke & Laura
as an attempt at humor.




It started with Laura and Luke,

A wedding ~ Where there was no Duke,

They were the couple of the day,

They were adored ~ In a special way,

They were America’s Royalty,

Loved and cherished ~ Known as Loyalty,

The world stopped ~ When Luke and Laura wed,

They were loved ~ And tears were shed,

They came into America’s homes,

Televisions on ~ And hung up phones,

Prince and Princess ~ American ordained,

America’s Royalty ~ To this day reigns.

 ~ II ~



Fairy tales go back as far as time,

Much is passed on in song and rhyme,

In England ~ Where royalty lives,

A Prince purposed ~ With a title to give,

The Queen gave her blessing ~ For her son to wed,

His choice a young, shy, beauty ~ So the news read,

She was so innocent ~ Not of his world,

And reporters loved ~ The kindhearted girl,

Everyone watched the Princess to be,

Prince Charles her senior was used to TV,

The wedding day came ~ And the world tuned in,

To watch “History Happen” ~ And their lives begin,

Crowds in the streets, on roofs and open windows,

All for royalty ~ A once-in-a-lifetime-show,

A carriage with horses delivered the bride,

When seen in her gown ~ Many cheered and cried,

Westminster Abby was full of family and friends,

Beauty with history ~ Hopefully transcends,

A Princess was born ~ By the taking of vows,

Childhood fairy tales ~ Explained unfathomable crowds,

The Prince and Princess being blood and bone,

Started a family ~ Of their very own,

Two sons were born ~ The eldest a Prince,

Both very different ~ Both Providence.



 The baby Prince ~ Now, a grown man,

He has met a lady ~ Asked for her hand,

Love is seen ~ And they wear it well,

May they never know ~ The meaning farewell,

The Queen gave her blessing ~ For her grandson to wed,

His choice wasn’t royalty ~ A “commoner” it’s said,

Her beauty is rare ~ Her essence is sweet,

Her Prince is gentle ~ His love discrete,

History and beauty ~ Will meet at Westminster Abby,

Prince William will wait ~ For his Lady gladly,

Reporters have desended on London's lawn,

People everywhere are crossing the pond,

The crowds are coming ~ The crowds are there,

Dreamers and the young at heart still care,

The world waits ~ For the royal wedding now,

Another Princess will be born ~ By the taking of vows.

~ IV ~

Fairy tales and reality ~ Seldom meet,

Yet, in jolly old England ~ The two do greet,

Some believe that the Royals are outdated,

But watch the people ~ They’re truely elated,

So Dear England ~ Hang on to your ways,

Let Fairy Tales Live ~ And Dreams Have Their Day.


Picture of Luke and Laura’s Wedding