Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning OriginalsAuthor of Award Winning Originals

 I keep thinking that I am going to do a page about ~Me~...  It will be a short  Because the truth is every poem and picture is a part of who I am  However, I am musically
 stuck in the 1970's.  My top three favorite groups are:

1.  Dr Hook & The Medicine Show
                 - You Were The Sweetest Of All
                 - A Couple More Years
                 - The Wonderful Soup Stone

2.  Neil Diamond
                  - I Am I Said
                  - Hello Again
- Coming To America

3.  Cat Stevens
                  - Morning Has Broken
                  - Moon Shadow

Quite laughing, I know there old.  "Oldies but Goodies" ~ At least in my opinion.

Now there are other songs that I like and listen to.  Singers of today. 

I would love to tell Lee Greenwood that I believe his song Proud To Be An American is the greatest song (as an American) I have ever heard and this song makes ~Me~, Proud To Be An American.  Thank You...

I truly wish that I had written Alan Jackson's, Where Were You.  It put Tuesday, September 11, 2001 in perspective.  Thank You...    

Dolly Pardon, you say it all in both Full Circle and Hello God.  Thank You...     

Donna Fargo wrote a beautiful song Funny Face
 and this song became my daughter's nick-name when she was my baby girl.  Thank you...

A song that means more to me than I can ever say is Doris Day's - Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be), right now I cannot find a working link.  As a little girl I can remember my momma singing this to me.  So I say, Thank You to my mom for choosing a song that belongs to her and I.  Of course, to Doris Day from both my mom and I, we say Thank You...

You will note that I have on Our World In Poetry a page named ~Seasons In The Sun~.  This was a song in the 1970's by Terry Jacks.  When ever I hear this song I think of my oldest brother Stan.  Since this page is a family and friends 
memorial page it just seemed right.  Terry Jacks' Seasons In The Sun is by far the only name that should hold these people and a love that still remains, hopefully in the words that grace their spot on this page.  Terry Jacks, from all of us, Thank You...

I am not a big Beatles fan...  Although, I love many of their songs.  I will end this segment of ~Me~ with a song that has had the most influence in my life.  For good or not, I found out I am at heart superstitious.  It has been the one song that I one day decided was God talking to me.  Odd but true,  I was in my car getting ready to change my daughter's school from public to catholic.  This song came on the radio and I turned my car around and went home...(Bad idea)  However, more often than not it was God helping me.  I have even had nightmares where I could not escape and something inside of me said sing, "God will come and free you."  And, He always has...  So, to the Beatles, I say ~ Thank You...  For ~ Let It Be.

P.S. I never bought this record because I thought it would take away His message.
       I now figure, if I play it ~ No message attached. If it comes out of no where ~ Well, then I
       figure ~ God is speaking. I then have to try to hear His message and find my way to His path.

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 ~ IL DIVO ~

I have now seen these guys in concert.  My cousin Debi & husband Don flew me out to Colorado for the concert.  It was great.  I still get the feeling of my hair on the back of my neck stands up.  They now sing on a cruise line and when I win the lotto I plan on taking a Mediterranean two week cruise and I'm taking Debi with me.  Depending on how much I win will dictate how many I take with me...  I sitll honestly feel like the presence of God is with these four young men, known IL DIVO.

Listen to them ~ You'll feel it too.

"As Hope Fades ~ Faith Steps In."


The "Ten Commandments" for handling God's ideas:

1. I will vote "yes" to an idea even if "it's impossible."

2. I will never block a helpful thought because it entails problems, or wait to begin
until I find solutions.

3. I will welcome a possibility even if I've never done it before or can't imagine
how it could be done.

4. I will design my plan to lessen the risk of failure.

5. I will cooperate in supporting a potentially good idea even if I can see
something wrong with it.

6. I will never squelch a creative idea because no one else has ever
succeeded in perfecting it.

7. I will declare any constructive concept to be possible even though I lack
the time, money, brains, energy, talent, or skill to explore it.

8. I will never discard a plan or project just because it's imperfect.

9. I will never resist a proposal because I didn't think of it, won't get the credit
for it, won't personally benefit from it, or may not live to see and enjoy it.

10. I will never quit because I've reached the end of the rope.
I will tie a knot and hang on!

*Adapted from "365 Positive Thoughts" by Robert H. Schuller

"For with God, nothing is impossible." -Matthew 17:20"


People if you can live up to half (5) of these statements...  You are one heck of a person.  I am knocked off the ladder at #1.  However, I love #7...  I thought you all might enjoy reading this list by Dr. Schuller.

I also love to read and I thought maybe we'd talk about books and authors.
We all have favorite authors and books, and I have several. 

Ok, here we go.


1.  ASHES IN THE WIND - Kathleen E. Woodwiss
3.  THE GOLDEN BARBARIAN - Iris Johansen
4.  FBI THRILLERS - Catherine Coulter
5.  THE HEIR (SAGA) - Johanna Lindsey
6.  ASHES TO ASHES - Tami Hoag
7.  NAVY SEALS (SERIES) - Suzanne Brockmann
8.  THE MACGREGOR (SERIES) - Nora Roberts

These favorite books and authors and I read everything they write.
Now, I love to read these authors.  I love that they are all write books
that read fast.  Because when I read some book (authors unnamed) and
they read so slow, it becomes work.  And unlike most people, once I start
a book I have to finish it...

Right now I am reading the newest book by Nora Robert's,
BLACK HILLS.  It is a great read and a fast paced book.

I am waiting for the 6th book in THE CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR (SAGA).
Come on Ms. Auel, you're driving me nuts...  I need for Ayla to meet her
son again.  I just googled Jean M. Auel and found this:
The Land of Painted Caves, 2011.


~ The story of men and women under presure. ~
It's worth reading.


*Sidney Sheldon (February 11, 1917 – January 30, 2007)
I have all of Sidney Sheldon's books in hard back edition.
I always thought someday I would get them signed.  He
was prolific and talented beyond that of author.  He
was a man who knew what women wanted to read.  He had
He was a wonderful author and he is missed.  
"Thank you for all of talent you shared with the world."

*Kathleen E. Woodiwiss (1939–2007)
ASHES IN THE WIND is probably my favorite book.  I read it five times.
Cole Latimer as the main manly character for me was the man of my
dreams.  My grandson wears Cole as one of his middle names.  My
nick-name for him is Cole Boy.  The rest of my family hates
He and I like it ~ That's all I care about.  Truth is, as long as I like it,
it's ok.  I hope he can grow into the man that Cole Latimer was.
Even though Cole Latimer is a character.  That is what Kathleen
E. Woodwiss did best, she made her characters real.  I laughed and
cried every time I was supposed to.  Woodiwiss gave the world so
much enjoyment.  The world will miss this talented lady.  
And "Thank you for all of your words."

*Langdon Gilkey 1910 - 2004