Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning OriginalsAuthor of Award Winning Originals



  The Last Lecture

He is alive ~ And at the same time gone,
His substance lingers with each new dawn,
He touched a world ~ That was hard to reach,
His chosen profession ~ His mission to teach,
He left his mark ~ Virtue and Grace,
He left his world a better place,
Life was precious ~ Life he loved,
Even as his name was echoed above,
Lessons to prepare ~ Before he could leave,
Knowing his loved ones were going to grieve,
Answers to questions ~ He wouldn’t be here to give,
So he left little lessons ~ To help them to live
Leaving two sons ~ A daughter ~ And a wife behind,
Needing to leave their world ~ With purpose ~ Not blind,
A young man he was ~ A young man he died,
Leaving family ~ Friends ~ And strangers to cry,
So the echoes continued ~ While he made plans,
Needing to know ~ That his family could stand,
During this time ~ He tried to impart,
All of the goodness ~ Deep in his heart,
His students relayed the lectures he gave,
How even in dying ~ His living was brave,
Integrity enveloped this one special man,
His Last Lecture ~ Was written by ~ God’s Own Hand.

Randolph Frederick Pausch
October 23, 1960
July 25, 2008


I have now watched The Lecture three times.  Randy's whole being was (and still is) magnetic.  I do believe that is why his students, their parents and his communitie gravitated towards him.  He seems to have had "the something" that we're all looking for.  "The Magic" Jai referres to I am sure will be missing for a while.  However, God gave them three beautiful and wonderful children.  "The Magic" will return times three.  Jai will be there when they need a dad and I'm betting that she will know what Randy would say.  As a couple they truly seemed to be one being.  I believe that is what God intended when two join together ~ And Make One.

To Jai & Family,

I am, like so many others, truly sorry for your loss.  Yet, I also believe that you are truly blessed.  Randy is and always will be with you.  So, pray and stay strong.  You are how the children will know their dad.  There is no missing link in your chain ~ One link melted into the other four links ~ For strength and solidarity.  Thank you for being part of his interviews and letting the world see the complete Randy Pausch.  For without you Jai, there would not have been: The Last Lecture. 

God Bless You All,

The Thomason Family & The Heath Family

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The Life Of Randy Pausch
Randy Pausch: The dying man who taught America how to live




President Gerald R. Ford

Flags hang low across this land,
Yet, proudly fly ~ For an honored man,
He was not elected Commander and Chief,
He served at a time of turmoil and grief,
Bernstein and Woodward of The Washington Post,
Broke “The Watergate Scandal” ~ Thanks to “Deep Throat”,
Nixon resigned ~ Most thought in disgrace,
He waved his goodbyes as he vacated this place,
Vice President Ford stepped forward that day,
His words were simple ~ The truth was his way,
Now, as President ~ He saw America scarred,
To heal her wounds is where he would start,
His stay was short ~ Yet, history was made,
He never regretted the pardon he gave,
The pardon was his defining role,
And angry citizens told him so,
Not many remember his other deeds,
Like ending the war over seas,
Vietnam divided ~ North against south,
Americans too ~ Had their doubts,
Dictatorship vs. Freedom of land,
The issues were simple but not so the war plan,
As President Ford with strength did guide,
The winds of war changed their tides,
Saigon fell and the war did end,
South Vietnam was left by her friend,
Prisoners of war on the nightly news,
It broke many hearts to see this abuse,
All-in-all, this war took its toll,
And America lost bits of her soul,
So, President Ford did understand,
That his mission in life was at hand,
Intuitive he was in politics and life,
Steadfast to his country, children and wife,
Infidelity a word never linked to his name,
Genuine and honor never hungry for fame,
Never a scandal ~ Not even a hint,
He came ~ He served ~ Then he went,
Leaving his office with dignity and pride,
Thank you Mr. President ~ For being our guide.

Thank You Mr. President & God Bless America
(Our 38th President)
President Gerald Rudolph Ford
July 14, 1913 - December 26, 2006




Peter Jennings

“If Peter don’t tell me ~ I don’t need to know.”
These words were spoke with humor bestowed,
I watched him report and share with the world,
His insights given as the news was unfurled,
Then one evening out of the blue,
He spoke of his illness to me and to you,
Lung cancer had invaded his life,
A leave he was taking ~ So, he could fight,
Dan Rather was gone ~ Tom Brokaw too,
It seemed as if Peter was already doomed,
He lost his fight ~ The cancer did win,
The world now grieves with his family and friends,
The World News Tonight will not be the same,
With Peter Jennings no longer named.
As he reported his news on the air,
There sat a man who really did care,
He flew the oceans ~ He sailed the skies,
To inform his world ~ No truth denied,
Foreign lands where old cultures lie,
Where people aren‘t heard when they cry,
Peter did bring these stories to light,
Giving a voice and exposing their plights,
While watching him deliver the news,
The world became smaller because we now knew,
As he spoke to the camera each day,
His eyes said things his voice didn’t say,
Peter is gone from his family ~ Gone from his home,
Gone from this world that he loved to roam,
Maybe he’s reporting in Heaven’s own Sphere,
Telling our Father ~ How it is here.

“If Peter don’t tell me ~ I don’t need to know,”
~~~ I guess these words are no longer so. ~~~

Peter Jennings
July 29, 1938
August 8, 2005




Pope John Paul II

His name was written in the wind,
And chanted softly as a boy back then,
This son of Poland grew into a man,
Who would storm the world with a gentle hand,
A priest he became ~ A man of God,
The world his stage ~ His people awed,
Religious and strong he spoke with insight,
Of the good ~ The bad ~ The wrong ~ The right,
He grew in the church through his works and hope,
This gentle man became the World’s Pope,
John Paul II ~ His chosen name,
And this world would never be the same,
With kindness of heart and words of might,
Social injustice was his personal fight,
He traveled to lands and spoke to all,
Millions came out to hear his call,
Presidents and dictators befriended this man,
He spoke to the issues of each foreign land,
He didn’t agree just to be kind,
His words were always to promote mankind,
His face ~ His smile ~ His easy way,
Made him the pope he was each day,
His message of peace, of hope and prayer,
Steadfast in deed even as he got grayer,
With age and Parkinson’s his body grew tired,
Watching him struggle only inspired,
So many sermons of his Father’s Home,
Where life is eternal ~ No lost to just roam,
His name again was whispered and sang,
Bells and chimes mimicked his name,
Angels did gather to escort him High,
Birds and butterflies fluttered on by,
The universe it seemed was happy and pleased,
But this Shepard’s flock were beginning to grieve,
Many were stunned ~ Many more cried,
Their holy leader would no longer guide,
Helpless and lost without this great man,
He had the answers ~ He had the plan,
He led by example and followed the word,
Trying to teach all that he learned,
Even in death ~ He welcomed bliss,
Meeting his Father in Heaven’s Own Mist.

Pope John Paul II
Karol Josef Wojtyla
May 18, 1920 ~ April 2, 2005


Picture and bio from:  The highest order



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“Heeeres Johnny,” Ed would say,
The Introduction never swayed,
“Heeeres Johnny,” Bob Hope said,
The introduction as he lead,
God stood to greet His newest guest,
Johnny knew that he’d been blessed,
So he fell on bended knee,
Bowed his head for God to see,
God gently helped Johnny stand,
Showing that He understands,
So they walked in Heavens High,
Johnny asked his questions why,
Because he felt his sins were great,
Yet, he made it through Heaven’s Gate,
Insecure and oh so shy,
Misunderstood ~ His battle cry,
As he stands on Heavens Floor,
Peace is his to adorn,
Johnny now begins to glow,
His insecurities letting go,
Johnny in Heaven ~ Now, he grins…
He turns around and sees his friends,
“HEEERES JOHNNY,” they shout out loud,
And Johnny’s performing for Heavens Crowd.
“Heeeres Johnny,” Ed did say,
He left thirty years of yesterdays.

Johnny Carson
October 23, 1925 - January 24, 2005


Picture from ~ Ex-'Tonight Show' Host Johnny Carson Dies

Monday, January 24, 2005



Kong And His Heroine

Big and strong ~ A leading man,
His heroine never understands,
He loved her so ~ Yes, he did,
Fighting for her is what he did,
Took on the world ~ Fire power too,
For his beauty he wanted to rescue,
Not understanding ~ His lady’s fear,
Or the world’s flaming sears,
He ran with her ~ In his hand,
Protecting her was his plan,
She cried and screamed ~ Fought him so,
He was to ugly for her to know,
She couldn’t see ~ In to his soul,
Neither of them were consoled,
Beauty and the Beast ~ The story was born,
But for King Kong very few mourned,
His heroine lives on ~ Even today,
Kong always loved her ~ His beauty Fay Wray.

King Kong - 1933

Vina Fay Wray
September 15, 1907 - August 9, 2004


 Picture from  Link no longer active.



First Lady Nancy Reagan kissing her husband goodbye.

A Working President

A working president even in death,
To much to do before he could rest,
He had a country that he must see,
Before he could take his final leave,
Jetting here and jetting there,
This was his cross to bear,
For his nation - He Laid in State,
For his nation - Heaven would wait,
Gallantry in life is what he gave,
Honor in death is what he displayed,
Heads of State from his past,
Remembered his strength and his laugh,
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines,
Pageantry of beauty a daily routine,
His family shared him even in death,
For they knew - Both had been blessed,
A husband and father - Grandfather too,
Spoke of the man - That only they knew,
Fifty-two years he was with his wife,
He showed her love everyday of his life,
Finally, his duty to his country was done,
And he met his God with the setting sun.

Thank you Mr. President
& God Bless America.

President Ronald Wilson Reagan
February 6, 1911 - June 5, 2004


Final farewell  'Ronald Reagan belongs to the ages now'

Hearst News Service
Posted: June 11, 2004 ~  Pictures from this site.


A hundred years he graced this stage,
As husband, father, actor, sage,
A man of knowledge ~ A man so wise,
Humanity has lost with his demise,
He gave to all at the least a smile,
For others he flew thousands of miles,
Fear of death, if ever a thought,
Was overcome for those who fought,
From World War 2 to Desert Storm,
Entertaining soldiers was the norm,
He made them laugh and forget,
If only for a little bit,
Others traveled to wars with him,
Bringing light where life was dim,
During the holidays he and his group,
Always shared Christmas with the troops,
A man of Honor ~ A man of Pride,
Proud of his country & stood by Her side,
A “Goodwill Ambassador” to the U. S. of A.,
He supported Her proudly ~ To his dying day,
He gave to others what he could,
His values simple and understood,
Live life, be kind and learn to laugh,
He lived his life with this epithet,
He played at living and loved to play,
He marveled at life everyday,
He touched more than family and friends,
Heads of State beckoned him,
Loved by many ~ Respected by all,
He has made his final curtain call,
“Thanks for the Memories” his chosen tune,
And a hundred years rolled by to soon,
With laughter and love God sent us hope,
“Thanks for the blessings and Mr. Bob Hope.”

May 29, 1903 - July 29, 2003


 Bob was born Leslie Townes Hope in Eltham, England on May 29, 1903.

Find more info on his site:  Click here:  Bob Hope

 Three Men Lived ~ Yes They Did!

Three men lived ~ Three men tried,
To enrich a society so it might thrive,
Three men worked ~ Three men gave,
Of themselves to their dyeing day,
Death has claimed three special men,
A governor, a singer and a comedian,


The Hoosier State lost it’s chief,
Indiana shares in grief,
With his family and his friends,
Life is over ~ Death did win,
He was respected by one and all,
His reputation made him tall,
History will for him be kind,
Indiana was honored for a time,
He was called to a better place,
Heaven will show him grace.


A country singer has left this sphere,
The music world held him dear,
An “Outlaw Hero” he was dubbed,
But it was said with so much love,
Home for a time a prison cell,
After that he lived life well,
His youth rebellious ~ His life shy,
He wrote songs that made one cry,
He looked hard all dressed in black,
Until his guitar left his back,
He lived long and he lived good,
He’ll sing in Heaven it’s understood.


A comedian who graced the stage,
Has also died at a young age,
His heart gave out just like his dad,
And like before ~ America was sad,
He didn’t sing ~ He made people laugh,
And they roared on his behalf,
He did good works ~ Besides his art,
Where his brother also played a part,
His family loved him as did his friends,
They weren’t ready for the end,
He gave laughter in return for love,
God was waiting for him above.


A governor, a singer and a comedian,
Gone from a world of mortal sin,
Free from the daily moral issues,
Safe from the simple everyday taboos,
Finding loved ones lost long ago,
Meeting relatives they didn’t know,
Even their pets are on Heaven’s Sod,
Safe in Heaven ~ Safe with God.