Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning OriginalsAuthor of Award Winning Originals




The Quality of A President 

As the wind blows across thi land,
Even candidates should have presidential hands,
This Land is Good ~ Great ~ And Kind,
Electing a president ~ Should not be done blind.

As the wind blows across this land,
America rests in a presidents hands,
She trusts these hands to protect her shores,
To shield her from the enemy’s wars.

As the wind blows across this land,
The homeless and hungry are in the presidents hands,
For he feeds the world at any outcry,
And leaves his poor outside to die.

As the wind blows across this land,
A president needs to have steady hands,
To believe in self ~ And his people too,
To love and trust ~ The Red, White & Blue.

As the wind blows across this land,
A president needs to have presidential hands,
He needs to know the patriot’s dream,
To understand what “Love of Nation” means.

As the wind blows across this land,
A president should know where to place his hand,
As the beginning notes of The National Anthem starts,
As Americans rise and place hands over hearts.

As the wind blows across this land,
The world watches the presidents hands,
An American President ~ An American Man,
Should not have to be told ~ He should understand.


 September 16, 2007

Obama does not recognize the American Flag during National Anthem.


Chester Arthur Stiles

Oprah's Abused Girls - South Africa



A little ones world ~ Is not always good,
When people don’t live as they should,
Safety at times is hard to find,
When babies believe the world is kind,
A little one who only knows trust,
Gives hugs & kisses ~ Love is a must,
Little arms that hug oh so tight,
Their way of showing ~ Their world is right,
Being blessed with this little girl or boy,
Means giving thanks for this ultimate joy,
A trust given ~ A promise made,
To guard and guide ~ To love and pray,
A protection prayer ~ Uttered without thought,
For a kind gentle world ~ That can’t be bought,
With all of the progress this world has seen,
So, much of life ~ Is simply obscene,
It’s hard to believe what man can do,
To an infant or child ~ Unspoken truths,
These people are allowed to kill and maim,
And yet, they live ~ Now, that’s a shame,
They defile God’s most precious gift,
Shattered lives ~ Set adrift,
A wrong that can’t be made right,
Not even with God’s Holy Light,
Humanity suffers ~ As does all of mankind,
When children are squandered ~ And justice is blind.


As a society of people ~ Adjusts to the crimes,
The heart of a nation ~ Bleeds less overtime,
For the unknown criminals who plans ~ Not sleeps,
Competition has made a gigantic leap,
They all want their “15 minutes of fame”,
Depravity & Kills ~ Makes them a name,
Sorrow never enters a criminals mind,
Never considers the ones left behind,
A little ones world ~ A little ones ways,
Is no longer as safe ~ As back in the day,
Children kill children ~ Men rape and kill,
And women now kill their babies at will,
Schools use detectors ~ To insure safety inside,
Still shots ring out ~ And children still die,
As bad as this is ~ It’s no longer news,
Ask Dr. Phil to tell you his views,
Instant news ~ Now makes instant TV,
What anyone does ~ Everyone sees,
Cable TV has made news a twenty-four day,
Again, competition grows ~ As does a reporter’s pay,
So, news of murder, theft and rape,
Has changed the range of the news landscape,
Turn on a computer and surf the web,
There’s something for everyone ~ It’s been said,
Violence has jumped into real time,
A mere baby being raped ~ By a piece of slime,
Each piece of news has facts to find,
Reporters searching out the unkind,
Yet, the sad truth is ~ It’s the victims that pay,
New laws in place ~ To protect the criminal’s ways,
They have rights ~ Oh, yes they do…
No victim is spared ~ Regardless of truth,
Justice a word ~ Definition unknown,
And the smallest of victims ~ Wear scars or headstones.


A little one’s world should be a ticklish laugh,
Running and playing and taking naps,
No baby should ever know real fear,
Never know pain ~ That’s truly severe,
Yet, there are those that are so vile,
Horrific monsters ~ Pedophiles,
Justice here is worse than a joke,
A hidden truth ~ When words aren’t spoke,
Justice means the right to face the accuser,
A little one knows only to fear the abuser, 
With limited or no way to speak the truth,
Pedophiles prey upon the youth,
The rights of the child are almost nil,
If they can’t tell the court about the ordeal,
A credible witness or DNA,
Is needed for a little one to seize the day,
More often than not a pedophile walks,
All because a little one can’t talk,
Blind justice in this case is wrong,
For the weak become weaker ~ And villains become strong.


A little one is the soul of man,
He can only become what he understands,
He only knows what he sees,
Open your eyes ~ They’re just babies,
Take back your house ~ Make it right,
Take back your yard ~ Give it light,
Take back your streets ~ Make them clean,
Take back your neighborhood ~ From the unseen,
Take back your churches ~ Air them out,
Take back your religion ~ Release the doubt,
Take back your city and your state,
Do it now ~ It’s not to late,
Take back your world ~ For her and him,
Take it back ~ For all of them,
Take back your God ~ Release the fear,
And know that He holds ~ All little ones dear.


Poem was written because of news, shows & life. As a 
Society we should stand up and be counted. This is my stand!

Nye -- Gateway to Nevada's Rurals
Strip this man naked, spread eagled, on the steps of The Supreme Court. ~~~Cut “IT” Off~~~ Carry this news event on every TV station. NO Charge. Block party will follow this event…  Send a message ~ And follow through.
Montel helping abused  victimes
Thanks for helping all of these victims.

Oprah always doing her part in life.  This is her stand!
Oprah, you go girl!!!

I wasn't thinking but this is also a poem that would be a World News Poem.


Crandall Canyon Mine Utah


Darkness is normal ~ Day and night,
As miners live with limited light,
What is abnormal ~ Becomes the norm,
And fear exist in limited form,
Most of the time it’s a regular day,
Answered prayers for the families that pray,
And then it happens ~ Tragedy hits,
A mine collapses with men in its mitts,
Family and friends gather around,
Needing to help the men underground, 
The mine inhaled six good men,
Who knows that help is coming for them,
There is no doubts in their minds,
For miners never leave their own behind,
They fight and dig ~ And, yes tears fall,
Silently they pray ~ As they give their all,
The families who know and live this life,
Live with the knowledge ~ Of a miner’s plight,
Time stands still ~ Breathing is hard,
Life has stopped ~ For those who stand guard,
A town stands vigil ~ A town stands strong,
Never wavering ~ No matter how long,
News crews arrive ~ So, the world can view,
The strength and fragility ~ Of a tragedy‘s truth,
Yes, strangers watch ~ Because they know, 
That tragedy is everyone’s foe,
Strangers will come ~ Not just to observer,
But, to stand behind ~ To be the reserve,
As the count of the days numbers increase,
So, do the prayers, begging and pleas,
Days 11 & 12 ~ The miners still inside,
Yet, six men were hurt ~ And three men died,
Rescuers now are in harms way,
The inside exploded ~ Safety decayed,
Seismic activity ~ Unstable ground,
Is blamed for shutting the rescue down,
Drills are still drilling ~ Trying to find, 
The six miners who are still inside,
With their family ~ Their Nation cries,
It truly hurts ~ To watch “Hope” die,
Lost inside ~ Fear instilled,
Faith is questioned ~ As is: God’s Will.


Days have lapsed into weeks,
No rescue ~ No recovery ~ No one seeks,
Families are lost within themselves,
“Don’t give up ~ Please try something else,
Find our sons, husbands and dads,
Give them to us ~ So, the end can be had,
We need to say goodbye to our men,
Have a service ~ Pray ~ And, say Amen.
Don’t let this dark, dank place be their tomb,
It’s bad enough that it was their doom,
Men have died trying to save our guys,
Yes, there’s danger ~ And, no it’s not wise,
Logic here doesn’t come into play,
Give us our men ~ Give us our day.”


Heroes were baptized in the dust of coal,
As they cried ~ And prayed ~ And bared their soul,
They stayed strong ~ No time to sleep,
Back breaking work ~ An unspoken promise to keep,
They gave all they had ~ Day-in and day-out,
They did their friends proud ~ That’s what counts.


The ending wasn’t scripted ~ The way of a thought,
Through anger and pain ~ Heartache was bought,
Words are tossed ~ Accusations are levied, 
The men are still lost ~ And, no one was ready,
The town that stood ~ Strong and proud,
Is now divided ~ And full of doubt,
There is only one truth ~ And only one way,
It’s not ours to know ~ It’s not ours to say,
Truth be told ~ The miners weren’t alone,
There was no darkness ~ As God welcomed them Home.


Keep the Faith ~ It's your only real hope,
The Thomason & Heath Family

The six trapped coal miners are: 
Louis Alonso Hernandez, 23
Manuel Sanchez, 41
Kerry Allred, 57
Carlos Payan, in his 20s 
Brandon Phillips, 24 
Don Erickson, 50
3 Killed in Utah Mine Rescue Attempt

Rescuers suspend effort at Utah mine
One died at the scene, said Kevin Stricklin, MSHA's administrator for coal mine 
safety.  Two of the dead were identified as MSHA inspector Gary Jensen, 53, 
of Redmond, and miner Dale Black, 48, of Huntington.


WASHINGTON - The method of mining used at the Utah mine that collapsed Monday , trapping six miners,has a history of being disproportionately deadly, according to federal safety studies.  The Crandall Canyon mine collapse happened while miners were ...

Fourth hole in mine provides no clues.  Tunneling halted after 3 rescuers die in cave-in; 6 missing for 11 days 

 Pictures came from CNN and FOX News Web Sites. 


Little Jessica Lunsford

Picture the little girl,
Who was stolen from her world,
Imagine if you can,
The depravity of one man,
He took her from her own bed,
He a pedophile ~ Who is not dead,
The justice system should be ashamed,
“Rehabilitate, teach and tame,”
Then set them free ~ Give them trust,
See what happens if you must,
Watch them stalk the youngest prey,
Remember “Justice” on that day,
So here’s what happens when you believe,
That pedophiles should go free,
A little girl tucked in bed,
Happy dreams in her head,
A cross the street in plain sight,
No one knew ~ About this night,
An unlocked door and he was in,
Life just changed for all them,
He took and raped this little girl,
Confused and hurt ~ Terror swirled,
He kept her hid like a secret toy,
Informing her brought him joy,
She knew of the search going on for her,
Allowed TV ~ This pain she endured,
She heard her dad beg and cry,
Her little mind couldn’t understand why,
What did she do to make this man so mad?
Why couldn’t she go back to her dad,
Then one night after the searchers went home,
He took her in the woods all alone,
He dug a grave and let her see,
Exactly where she was going to be,
He opened a trash bag and she knew,
She asked, “If the bag was for her too”,
She only had one request,
“Could she take the stuffed dolphin that she loved best?”
Yes, she could ~ Yes, she did…
Buried alive ~ Her body hid,
He said, “She didn’t beg or cry,
A brave little girl ~ Is how she died.”
Now, it was time to cut and run,
His half-sister gave him the funds,
She knew her brother ~ She knew him well,
She knew this baby was living through hell,
She kept her mouth shut and helped him flee…
She’s a pedophile too ~ It’s plain to see,
He’s back in jail and admitted his guilt,
Proud of his kidnapping, rape and kill,
Now, with counsel with all the right words,
He recants his confession ~ Now, words unheard.
Back to “Justice” and what it should be,
Should pedophiles have a right to be free?
Or, should their last hours be that of the child,
The one they destroyed ~ The one they defiled?

Jessica M. Lunsford
October 6, 1995
Date of Death Feb 24, 2005 - Mar 2005


The picture of Jessica was one that was on the news
daily during this horrific period.


-- Jessica Marie Lunsford, the 9-year-old Florida girl whose body was found Saturday near her parents' home, was kidnapped from her bedroom. By John Evander Couey a convicted sex offender, who did confess to this horrible,
despicable act of brutality.

Jessica Lunsford's father tells suspect: 'I hope you rot in hell'

Mourners bid farewell to slain Jessica Lunsford


Biloxi, Mississippi

New Orleans, Louisiana 

KATRINA - August 29, 2005 

Waters of beauty ~ Waters so deep,
Storms of wind that would not sleep,
As the winds awoke with speed,
So to the skies began to bleed,
Thus a hurricane had been born,
Katrina was named as she formed,
Evacuate ~ Leave right now,
Many stayed ~ They’d survive somehow,
Katrina grew and grew and grew,
As did the floods that ensued,
Then the levy broke and fell,
All who stayed walked through hell,
On this walk some did cry,
Some became stronger and some did die,
Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama too,
Americans in need, homeless and confused,
Despair and fear topped off with hunger and thirst,
So many were stranded ~ So many were hurt,
Helicopters and boats tried to rescue and save,
Yet, many were found in their watery graves,
Cities of toothpicks ~ Everything gone,
An era is over ~ Lost in the dawn,
Whole cities destroyed and neighborhoods lost,
Bridges and highways were picked up and tossed,
Yet, survivors lived ~ Bearing their hearts,
Helping and giving, sharing as they depart,
Children were lost and parents were too,
Reporters became helpful on the nightly news,
Taking notes and numbers ~ Making these calls,
Finding their families ~ Tearing down walls,
The people were hungry and babies needed food,
The stores had been looted by unruly broods,
Most of the people were simply in need,
They lost everything ~ “Help” was their plea,
Gas was no longer easy to buy,
Some stations were empty others had lines,
Roads became rivers ~ Waters chest high,
Animals that were left ~ Stranded and died,
Katrina was ruthless as she crossed the land,
Showing no mercy ~ While weaving her plan,
Help was needed ~ The people were dazed,
Where was FEMA ~ Where was the aide?
Where was a shelter for the homeless to be?
What was the plan for disaster relief?
Was there a plan or was there not.
The people were hurting and very distraught,
The National Guard and Marines too,
Came bearing water, medicine and food,
Helicopters moved the sick and hurt,
To other states answering the alerts,
Some families found their babies alive,
And the Helicopters took them to their babies’ sides,
Some happy endings made it easier to hear,
But seeing the people mostly brought tears.
As the Katrina blew through the towns,
Some were looting and shooting men down,
Wal-Marts were emptied ~ Gun shops too,
They were shooting at people trying to rescue,
They shot at helicopters up in the sky,
Not caring who lived ~ Not caring who died,
They shot at the boats searching the homes,
Trying to rescue those who were alone
They shot at truckers delivering goods,
Chaos their motive ~ Ruthless they stood,
So the National Guard was brought in,
With orders to shoot ~ No game of pretend,
A month has passed ~ And Rita passed through,
More rain and destruction had ensued,
These cities are broken and life is nil,
The people have left for dryer fields,
Still children are missing ~ Lost and unclaimed,
Infants that don’t even have names,
Grandparents and cousins and moms and dads,
Life as they knew it can no longer be had,
Right at a 1000 did not survive,
Katrina was ruthless ~ That can’t be denied.


Picture of Biloxi devastated
August 31: People look for their belongings in the ruins of their home in Biloxi, Mississippi.
Photograph: Barbara Davidson/AP

This is a link of a map of New Orleans Flyover


Election 2004

Elections come and elections go,
Mostly it's an entertaining show.
Down and Dirty is this years theme,
Bush and Kerry ~ Both Extreme.
Ones far left ~ The other far right.
America's caught in their sight's.
One likes to mouth ~ Pretend he's big.
The other plays war and never reneges.
One flaunts his war stories to the press,
The other doesn't like to digress.
They never agree on the subject of Tax,
One moves forward ~ The other backtracks,
Social Security programs for our old,
Listen to the cuts ~ The story unfolds,
One has the facts ~ The other understands,
Neither of them have a workable plan.

As elections come and elections go,
What if a candidate didn't know.
Know all the answers that were asked,
Lowered his political mask.
What if this man said, "I'll do my best.
I just want to make one request,
As Americans you have to know,
I'll lead you where we have to go.
But I can't fix all things for every man,
Sometime we have to alter our plans.
As a Country ~ Our people come first,
We feed us before we disperse,
Our sick and our old will not be forgotten.
America First ~ Is Our New Doctrine."

What if this man ~ A common Jo,
Told the truth ~ When he didn't know.
What if he stood proud and tall.
And quietly said,
"All I can do is walk before you all?"



 Here is just a brief news story on Bush & Kerry.  Along with other presidents 
and how their campaigns compare.  Check it out...



BEFORE            &              AFTER   


The NASDAQ’S up ~ The DOW JONES down,
The stock market goes up and down,
To ride the market can be a high,
But what goes up can also slide,
“Money ~ Money ~ More money please,”
Martha Stewart said this with ease,
She understood the American dream,
She had the recipe for every cream,
The gal can sew, crochet and knit,
Plant a garden and cook a bit,
Martha can bake a pie or a cake,
She knows it all for heavens sake,
This diva can decorate a house or room,
She’s not afraid of her kitchen broom,
She shared her knowledge and became rich,
She earned her nick-name by being a *****,
K-Mart joined with “Martha Inc.”,
One Billion Dollars richer without a wink,
Wall Street let Martha ring the bell,
Happiness reined as all could tell,
Investing now was such joy,
Little Martha’s brand new toy,
She made friends while playing the market,
Eventually this made her a target,
Buying a stock called Imclone,
Selling it then via the phone,
“Insider Trading” is what they say,
That’s why she sold Imclone that day,
Sam Waksal her friend called in distress,
Imclone was dropping ~ Sell all the rest,
This phone call of warning set in motion,
A series of events of illegal proportions,
Martha denies any wrong doing,
But the FBI keeps on pursuing,
Finger printed now and mug shots too,
What will the “Domestic Diva” do?
This diva knows and taught finesse,
She’ll clean up “Martha’s Mess.”


Pictures from this site have changed but Martha is still here.

  "Nine-count indictment charges Stewart and Peter Bacanovic, formerly of Merrill Lynch 
& Co., with conspiracy, obstruction and making false statements about the facts surrounding 
her December 27,  2001, sale of ImClone Systems Inc. stock."  *Brooke A. Masters of the Washington Post

Friday, March 5, 2004 - Martha Stewart was found guilty on;  
1 count conspiracy, 2 counts of making false statements, 
1 count of obstruction of agency proceedings.  

Martha was sentenced June 17, 2004.



She can feed you day or night,
Anything you heart delights,
Breakfast donuts, rolls or toast,
Wash it down with a coke,
Go down the street if you wish,
There you’ll find a different dish,
Sausage, bacon, ham and cheese,
On bagels or biscuits ~ They aim to please,
Americans eat lunch on the go,
Drive throughs help the working soul.
Those golden arches in the sky,
Maps aren’t needed to arrive,
Hardees, Burger King, Arby and Rax,
Pizza Hut, Dominoes all serve and tax,
Dinner is the family meal,
Where everyone eats their fill,
Many buffets line the streets,
American, Italian and Chinese,
Americans eat and eat and eat,
All they want ~ All they please,
Now the fattest nation on earth,
Pounds tallying and expanding girth,
Anger grows as people get fat,
Declaring ignorance of nutrition facts,
Big Macs, Whoppers, French Fries too,
Are more than likely going to kill you,
300 fat grams in one hamburger,
A 1000 calories ~ Not an ounce of sugar,
“A trust is broken”, the people cried,
“All you restaurants told us lies,”
Buffets add to this murder plot,
Eat all you want and worry not,
Self control isn’t a thought,
Getting fat isn’t their fault,
“McDonalds, Long Johns and Ryan’s Buffet,
Now we’re going to make you pay,
Make us fat and we’ll sue you,
And we want more than a million or two,”
Both side now have lawyerd up,
Each spouting that the other’s corrupt,
A judge is going to have to hear this case,
But even he can’t make the fat erase.


Obese Man Sues Fast-Food Chains

Page 1 of 3584 pages for "Obese People who Sues Fast-Food Chains

Obesity Blame Game
... Obese Man Sues Fast-Food Chains ... An overweight Bronx man wants f
our famous fast food chains to pay for ... number of other obese and ill New Yorkers
who also feast on fast food. ... Jul. 25, 2002 | Geraldine Sealey


Gary L. Ridgeway

"The Green River Killer"

"The Green River Killer"
"His claim to fame,
Murder he spoke,
Forty-eight women,
Women he choked.
Prostitutes all,
So, he thought,
No one would miss,
He wouldn’t be caught.
Twenty years passed,
He felt safe,
Yet, he was tagged,
By his DNA.
A serial killer,
His numbers were high,
Their souls still restless,
They haven’t yet died.
Their families need answers,
Time has stood still,
Answers won’t answer,
The questions that spill.
He murdered so many,
Pled "guilty" to all,
Yet, his life is spared,
Their families appalled.
Bartered for life,
Prison awaits,
The bodies he hid,
He’ll locate.
He’ll die behind bars,
Reliving his thriller,
History has dubbed him,
"The Green River Killer."


Picture and quote (below) "I wanted to kill as many women I thought were prostitutes as I possibly
could," Gary Ridgway, 54, admitted in court, to avoid the death penalty, in exchange for life in prison
without parole.    On November 5, 2003 Gary L. Ridgway confessed to killing 48 women.
The Green River  is in Kent, Washington, located  right outside of Seattle.

For more information on this serial killer: HOME OF THE GREEN RIVER KILLER.




Our city is held captive,
By one who has no soul,
He befriends our daughters,
So begins our stroll.
Young and bright and trusting,
Through youthful eyes they see,
They never see the madness,
Only the good by degree.
Their youth and their openness,
Gave way to the foul,
They never saw the horror,
They never knew his prowl.
It was by their mercy,
They let this creature in,
They never saw the vileness,
Till the very end.


Violated and discarded,
Is how he left our girls,
Bludgeoned and mutilated,
Is how he left our world.
One he left,
One be took,
Both he killed,
Both forsook.
As we become one,
Family and town,
We search for our daughter,
The one not found.

As we talk amongst us,
Of a demon man,
It's beyond our limits,
We can't understand.
He is behind bars,
For the murder of Brook,
But where is Erika,
The one that he took?
Why won't he answer,
The questions ~ So few,
Who taught him this cruelness,
Who'll give him his due?


Searching ~ Searching,
Family and town together,
Searching ~ Searching,
Days that lasted forever.
This process continued,
Two full weeks,
"Found in a field,"
The news was leaked.
Stabbed ~ Broken ~ Beaten,
A horrible death,
This "monster" again,
Took one of our best.
Two daughters sent
To earn their degree,
Two daughters returned
With a death sentence decree.


~  Our nightmares ~
Jury and Justice,
What will we hear?
Finally a closing,
At hand is the date,
Will they convict,
This Beast of Hate?
Pickup a paper,
Read the news,
It's not him,
Who's being abused.
It's not his life,
Being ripped apart,
Not his family,
With a broken heart.
"Who was he with?
Who did he do?"
Questions like these,
Just aren't news.
It's Brook's life,
They're tearing to shreds,
"How many guys,
Were in her bed?"
Well, this saga,
Is just about through.
If God's in Heaven,
He'll get his due.


The trial is over,
All words were spoke,
The jury listened
And didn't choke.

They sifted through,
A virtual hell,
Of words and pictures,
Of evil detailed.
They heard the defense,
Shift the blame,
They listened intently,
Each day was the same.
Here they were gathered,
Here was their place,
It was their lot,
To find justice with grace.
To locate an answer,
To balance the scales,
To right a wrong,
Not wanting to fail.
The judge gave instructions,
In silence they went,
In search of a verdict,
Which is why they were sent,
Now the families,
Sit and wait,
For the jury,
To deliberate.
They held in their hands,
The defendant's life,
Like he held our girls,
With cruelty and a knife.
Would they find him guilty,
~ Or would they not?
~ Would he finally pay,
For the cruelty he'd brought?
The wait wasn't long,
According to some,
~ The verdict was in,
~ The waiting was done.
Gripped with fear,
The Families did wait,

Brian Jones is Guilty,
Sealed is his fate.
Many lives were touched,
By this beast of a man,
Innocence and trust,
No longer go hand in hand.
~ Illusions have been shattered ~
~ Daughters have been lost ~
~ A verdict has been rendered ~
~ And we all reap the cost...



APPEAL FROM THE KNOX SUPERIOR COURT -The Honorable W. Timothy Crowley, Judge

Cause No. 42D01-9907-CF-034


On Direct Appeal - December 20, 2002

 In memory of Brook Baker age 19 (September 7, 1997) and

Erika Norman age 21 (September 4, 1999 - went missing). 

               Both of these young ladies fell prey to Brian E. Jones.  

Brook and Erika attended Vincennes University.  

They are missed and will never be forgotten. 

1 July, 1999 - Present: death ...
... while investigating the July 4 disappearance of another
Vincennes University student, Erika ...


He said, let there be words.  And behold, Poetry was born.


Sir "B" Thomason ~ 6 

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