Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning OriginalsAuthor of Award Winning Originals


Robin Roberts ~ GMA
~Part I~

Good Morning America ~ Seven days a week,

Familiar faces ~ Are those who speak,

As America tunes in day-after-day,

Each personality ~ Genuinely portrayed,

Overnight news stories professionally read,

Mixed with laughter ~ As folks rolls out of bed,

Diane ~ Robin ~ Chris and Sam,

Friendship and Love ~ Hand in hand,

When Robin found a lump in her breast,

Her friends were there for every test,

Love emitted through TV screens,

Prayers prayed ~ Dreamer’s dreamed,

Robin got better ~ Her cancer died,

No one wondered ~ Everyone knew why,

Faith and friendship will carry you through,

You sow as you reap ~ Know it's true,

Robin healed and times did change,

Diane and Chris left ~ Now, that was strange,

When they moved onward and ahead,

Some wondered if GMA was wounded or dead.

Robin and Sam stayed tried and true,

Helping George and Josh make their debut,

New people ~ New layout ~ A definite change,

Could it hold up ~ Would it sustain?

You learn their ways ~ Who they are,

Each one is different ~ Each one bizarre,

With Robin and Sam ~ Love is always seen,

Baiting and bickering ~ A daily routine,

George and Josh ~ Shockingly fit right in,

George is funny ~ Who knew he could grin?

GMA kept it a family ~ While delivering the news,

A family dedicated ~ More than a crew.

They shared themselves ~ The good and the bad,

Their eyes spoke first ~ Their gentle touches ~ Sad,

They spoke without saying a word,

The world waited ~ For words unheard,

Most knew ~ That something was up,

As Robin spoke ~ The shock was abrupt,

A blood disease flowed through her veins,

A side effect of cancer ~ Released and unchained,

So folks wouldn’t worry ~ She explained her picc line,

A new accessory ~ So she could medically dine,

With unwavering strength ~ She laid it all out,

Her voice did crack ~ Her spirit devout,

As the camera pulled back and panned the room,

It was obvious ~ Family and Friends were in bloom,

The room was full ~ With love and tears,

Diane held Robin's sister ~ That moment was dear,

Her sister’s blood and bone marrow ~ A perfect match,

Together they walked ~ Two sisters attached,

Her life in turmoil ~ She took time to reflect and play,

Time for Robin ~ To savor life’s bouquet,

So she flew to Viennese, Tuscany, Italy and Rome,

A poignant picture of her praying ~ To God at home,

Rested ~ Body and Soul,

God's With You Dear Robin ~ You Know This Is So.



Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts   ~ Sally Ann ~ Robin ~ Dorthy ~



Before it was time for Robin’s medical leave,

Came an intense call ~ At home they should be,

Your mother's strength ~ Had grown weak,

She wanted her children ~ She needed to speak,

Robin told her audience of her mother’s call,

She bid her farewells ~ She and Sally Ann didn’t stall,

From New York to Mississippi ~ Quickly they went,

Their mom was calling ~ They knew what it meant,

The children now younger ~ Their youth bestowed,

As seen by their Mom ~ Her babies not grown,

She needed to impart ~ A mom’s message for life,

To say her “I love yous” ~ Kissing each one goodnight.



Buddy -  Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts - Sally Ann - Dorthy - Robin

Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts

February 5, 1924

August 30, 2012  



~ Part III ~

You’re back in your seat ~ It looks so right,

You brought your smile ~ A wonderful sight,

Your pals and cohorts were bursting with pride,

Sometimes giggles ~ Are impossible to hide,

Millions of people ~ That you will never know,

They lifted you up ~ And prayers flowed.

You ingratiate yourself ~ By being you,

You’re the girl next door ~ Tried and True,

You are the face of GMA,

Whether serious or laughing ~ You start the day,

A lady at all times ~ Has earned you respect,

Look back and remember ~ Take time to reflect.

Your parents walked a more difficult road,

They lived by deeds ~ Lessons bestowed,

Four children they loved ~ Each made them proud,

All had their footing ~ On solid ground,

As they were called Home ~ By a whisper unheard,

Know they can hear ~ Silent tears and lost words.

At the depth of your being ~ Lost in despair,

To much at once ~ “Life isn’t fair,”

As you prepared to say your goodbyes,

For those watching ~ With tears, asked, Why?

A call came in about your mom that day,

Your Mom had words ~ She needed to say,

You made it home ~ With Sally Ann in tow,

To hug and kiss your mom ~ To bare your souls,

She had her children ~ Her babies that day,

She needed to know ~ You four would be okay.


Gone full circle ~ Remember you’re well,

You fought three fold ~ And survived the “Gates of Hell,”

Your mom now gone ~ Sally Ann by your side,

Yet, the inner you knew ~ Your mom was your guide,

Believe for 174 days ~ You were in the Hands of God,

Then He Delivered You Home & Beauty Is What America Saw. 

Welcome Home Robin.

Thank you Robin,

 For being the best you ~ You can be,

You've made us laugh, cry, think & believe,

You made women look good ~ As you climbed,

Every step of the way ~ You had a good time,

I don't know if you met ~ Despair and cried,

My tears were instant ~ While asking why,

The answer came as people rushed out to share,

You made a difference ~ In how people care,

The Donation Revolution ~ A donation of parts,

Bone marrow, blood, skin, eyes and heart,

You were the catalyst ~ And you did it with pride,

You were chosen to stand ~ Never to hide,

You did the "Cause" well ~ By bringing it out,

You made a difference - You made it count,

You know how to fight ~ You don't know defeat,

It was wonderful watching you ~ Reclaim your seat.

With Much Respect,


(a.k.a.JerriFaye Thomason)


I found a good picture of all of you.