Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning OriginalsAuthor of Award Winning Originals

Dear Sir Boy,

Your time has come ~ Time to go,
With you goes a piece of my soul,
This decision lays on me,
But I can’t set you free,
So your mom ~ And your boy,
Will kiss you goodbye ~ No not with joy,
You have lived in pain for so very long,
We searched for ways ~ To make you strong,
But I guess, it isn’t meant to be,
And hearing you cry is killing me,
You scratch, lick and bite until you cry,
But you can’t stop ~ No one knows why,
Baby we’ve ran all the tests,
And we’ve been to so many vets,
They gave us answers ~ That didn’t work,
And I’m so tired ~ Of watching you hurt,
Your boy will be lost without you,
Yet, he wants to go ~ To see you through,
He wants to kiss you goodbye ~ As you leave,
Five years old ~ And stronger than “G.”
Your mom will be there ~ And she will cry,
God, we hate that you have to die,
All I can do ~ Is pray this is right,
And to tell you to walk in the light.
I have called to the ones ~ That came before you,
They will be waiting ~ I promise it’s true,
Remember Blacker ~ She'll be your guide,
She’ll take care of you ~ On the other side,
You will meet Robert ~ He’s waiting on me,
You’ll meet Cat-Cat ~ Warning, she can be mean,
I have my doubts ~ That Lobo will show,
He’s probably with Stan ~ In Heaven's Home,
I told Robert to go where there’s sun and trees,
That’s where he is ~ Waiting on me,
Rob will play ~ And look after you,
Because he ~ Loved us too,
Stay with Robert, Blacker and Cat-Cat,
I’ll find you soon ~ I promise you that.
Know you’re loved ~ And you’ve touched our hearts,
Forgive me for the way ~ We have to part.
A Grand-puppy ~ With a heart of gold,
You were my warrior ~ With valor bestowed...
A grand protector ~ And undeterred,
Sir Bastard ~ Respectfully ~ Knighted you were.

We will always love and miss you,

“G,” Mommy, “Your Boy” JoJo & Kibilo



Innocence is born ~ Innocence is lost,

As full term fails ~ Emptiness the cost.


When a mom chats with her babe inside,

Where life begins ~ And happiness resides,

These chats feel silly to a first time mom,

They become easier with each new dawn,

This unborn babe that lives within,

Spreads a warmth ~ As love begins,

Is he a boy ~ Or is she a girl?

Which will enlighten ~ Their mom’s world?

Some moms know ~ Who their babe will be,

So the chats are easier with he or she,

Maybe she knows more than their name,

Her life’s been changed ~ She quietly proclaims,

As she comes to know ~ Her first time babe,

Sometime a mom worries ~ Sometimes a mom prays,

All parents wonder ~ Of the life that will be,

All wish for ~ Health ~ Happiness ~ Love ~ And Dreams.


As was stated ~ Plainly said,

Some babes stay ~ Some ascend instead,

One baby girl ~ Who truly tried to be,

Known to her mom and Heaven as Miss Marlee,

Miss Marlee went ~ Before she came,

She brought forth love ~ And took the same,

Miss Marlee touched many ~ By spirit and soul,

Her family lost in grief ~ While letting her go,

Gently she came ~ Leaving innocent and calm,

Miss Marlee is loved ~ By her dad and her mom.


Marlee JoAnne Ault
Still Born at 6 months ~ December 3, 2009

Matt & Shawna Ault were asked to represent
and to become the 2011 Knox County, Indiana 
 "Ambassador Family Representing the March of Dimes"
Their personal mission is to bring awareness to Fetal Hydrops.
To their credit, they care and as hard as it is for them
they still want to make a difference.  Both Matt & Shawna
will keep working as long as they are needed.
Miss Marlee did make a difference.


The Unknown Babe

For the baby ~ That was not,
For the family ~ That was sought,
For the life ~ Time denied,
For the parents ~ Who in silence cried,
An almost grandma’s soul was pierced,
Her wisdom shattered ~ Reduced to tears,
An almost family that didn’t begin,
As family and friends waited for him,
And maybe she was not a he,
Knowledge of this will never be,
For angels came ~ And angels went,
Cuddling the babe ~ During their ascent,
Understanding why ~ The when ~ And the way,
Is lost with the unknown babe ~ And lives in the faith of today.


This poem is a little closer to home. Until I have permission from this family,
no name or picture will accompany it.   Which almost seems right.  I will ask, but if it were me..., well this is a little more personal and definitely not fair game.




"Joe Bear” Adams

Fathers and daughters ~ Mothers and sons,
Each child a blessing ~ Even the hellions,
God’s gifts to each mom and dad,
To hold and love when happy and sad,
This baby in arms who laid so tender,
Brings tears now as you remember,
He didn’t like diapers ~ He didn’t like clothes,
He wanted to play with his fingers and toes,
He wanted to be just like his big brother,
Wrestling matches ensued one after another,
Two peas in a pod and no regrets,
Now, tears and smiles are a duet,
This child became a part of your soul,
While trying to ready him for his adult role,
Thirty years of laughter ~ Thirty years of love,
Has given you grandchildren ~ Blessed from above,
Yet, The Father has now called his name,
Cry your tears but don‘t assign blame,
He was on loan ~ He was a gift,
He left a legacy ~ Rejoice in this,
Look around at the world that he loved,
And know you’re loved from Heaven Above,
Do for him now ~ What you did for him then,
Teach his children ~ All you taught him.


Joseph Clinton Adams
August 19, 1976
March 18, 2007


AT 3:00 a.m. ~ BUT DO COME IN,


MARCH 18, 2010

Your mom , your children, your brother along with the rest of your family and 

friends all realize that you have been gone for a year now.  The crying is less but 

their pain endures.   You have & always will live in everyone's hearts. 

Memories of your smiles ~ Still bring tears.
You are truly loved ~ Just like you''re still here.
Give us a smile Joe ~ Laugh if you will.
Do something outrageous ~ So, only happy tears spill.

We love ya boy ~ And always will,

Your Mom , Shelby & Mason, Richie. Dakota, Riley & Keeton along with the rest of your

 family and friends.

***We love & miss you Joe Bear.  You are truly missed by everyone. 
I'm sure you and Bear have found each other and that is comforting. 
Take care Sweetie, life is short, we'll see you soon.***

~Me~ & Tiffer





As children play in memories’ past,
Days there were full of laughs,
Mornings started in much the same way,
As did the nights at the end of the day,
Then as children must always do,
As each year passes so they grew,
From children to adults they do mature,
And begins their lives with small detours,
Little girls once ~ Now, become wives,
Little boys also begin new lives,
Brothers and sisters now separated by miles,
No longer confide ~ As did the long ago child,
Putting on their game face and hiding the pain,
Not wanting to be the one to complain,
Life gets harder as the years race by,
Alone in a world with no allies,
Failures ~ Real or imagined ~ Are failures still,
What happened to the child who believed in goodwill?
A new best friend ~ A bottle to drink,
As it slides down ~ No need to think,
Then one day the drink doesn’t numb,
And thoughts of suicide begin to come.
More and more these thoughts rush in,
The drink really wasn’t your best friend,
The sister and brother that was left behind,
They wanted help but you were deaf and blind,
They wanted to help pull you back,
But you kept planning this morbid act,
Finally, you did it ~ You killed yourself,
You never thought of any one else,
You couldn’t see past the bottle you held,
So, the family you left ~ Is living through hell.
If you could hear your family cry,
You’d be sorry ~ That you had to die.

Carl C. Barger
December 22, 1955 ~ July 27, 2006




Thank You for staying with us today,
Because yesterday ~ You took dad away,
Our family is a sorrowful mess,
Yes, we know ~ He had to rest,
Knowing this doesn’t help the fact,
That we all want our dad back,
You gave to us ~ The very best father,
And he was loved by his sons and daughters,
He was always there to pick us up,
No matter why ~ He was there for us,
Even as grown up kids,
Dad was dad ~ In all that he did,
We had lots of years with our dad,
Yet, not enough time could be had,
Now, he’s with You ~ We are sure,
And this pain we must endure,
But, our dad is no longer in pain,
Because being with You ~ Is his gain,
God, please tell him ~ "We miss him so,
That we never wanted to let him go,
We will carry him with us everyday,
Keeping him near ~ In our own way,
Dad is gone ~ We still have mom,
It’s her faith keeping our family strong"
Please let him look down on us and know,
Our Family Decree ~ Was born from his soul.


Carl Poole
July 10, 1932 - June 13, 2006


This poem has been on the back burner for almost two years. I think it's finally
finished. Carl Poole was a wonderful & goodhearted man. He is missed by more
people than he probably thought possible. For those of us who grew up with his
children know a little bit of how much of a void there is in their lives. We are all
more enriched for knowing him. He showed us all how to laugh. That in itself is
a gift, as well as a legacy. 





It all started one summer day,
As a baby kitten was took away,
A heart broken three year old,
Couldn’t understand or be consoled,
So in search of another pet,
A black kitten her heart was set,
Calling vets and farmers too,
That is how we found you,
Four months old and very wild,
You were chased and you were riled,
Chasing you made us laugh,
But you were not a happy cat,
It took a bit but you came to know,
This little girl needed you so,
She was so proud that you were hers,
You adapted and you endured,
She draped you around her neck,
It seems you thought ~ “Oh, what the heck,”
Twenty years have come and gone,
You’ve passed on to a brand new dawn,
The grand old dame of this home,
Although you’re gone ~ You’re not alone,
Your soul can walk on both sides now,
You are free to play and prow,
Rainbow bridge is gaining fame,
Listen for Robert to call your name,
Always remember your little girl,
You helped her to grow in this world,
Her tears are her love spilling out,
Always know that and never doubt,
Your spirit will hear her silent cries,
It broke her heart to let you die,
Come and visit and bring Rob too.
We’ll know you’re here ~ Because we both love you.

Blacker Thomason
March 15, 1986  ~  June 15, 2006 



Dearest Boy

Dearest boy ~ We so miss you,
Life is something we can’t undo,
Our heart is broke ~ But not our love,
As you wait for us above,
Pictures of you flood our soul,
We don‘t know how to let you go,
Snap shots aren’t needed for us to see,
The little man you were growing to be,
Running and shouting just being a boy,
You were your sisters favorite toy,
As you giggled and as you played,
You made life better everyday,
The number of days that one lives,
Is not as important as what one gives,
And you gave to all you met,
No dear son ~ We won’t forget,
Yes, we cry because we’re sad,
We loved being your mom and dad,
So play in the light of Heavens Rays,
And know that you’re loved ~ For the rest of our days.


In rememberance of a two year old baby who drowned in a swimming pool. His family
misses him and is having a hard time without him.  His name and info is being with held.




A Daddy’s Gift

Hand in hand ~ Large holds small,
Daddy and daughter ~ His babydoll,
From infancy to little girl,
She was his entire world,
As she grew ~ So did dad,
Their love weaved into a plaid,
Pre-teen years and little girl tears,
Met with a father's fears,
Fears that only fathers know,
Fears that they never show,
Teen years come and boys are met,
A dad can sense his biggest threat,
A young lady soon evolves,
And daddy has lost his babydoll,
She has grown and so has he,
Their plaid of love still being weaved.
Years do pass and life is lived,
Each day of life became a gift,
Dad grew older and needed more,
From the little girl that he adored,
Hand in hand ~ Strong holds frail,
Daughter and daddy ~ In “Goodbye Hell”.
The tartan weave is all that’s left,
Memories of love ~ A Daddy’s Gift.

William Balthus
June 25, 1923 - November 4, 2004


A Final Farewell

 Dear Child Of My Child's Child,

  As these words find there way to you,
I want you to know ~ I loved you too,
I wanted so much to hold you close,
To tickle your belly and get your nose,
To read you stories and tuck you in,
To kiss your boo-boos o'er again,
To help you learn your ABC's,
To count your fingers 1-2-3,
To hear you sing and see you dance,
To know your heart by a glance,
To teach you things only grandma's can,
To give you strength by holding your hand,
I wanted to spoil you and hear you laugh,
I wanted to be in your past,
I wanted to help you grow up strong,
To help you learn right from wrong,
I wanted you to know me too,
To pass me on by loving you,
But my darling little girl,
I can't be in your world,
We're going to miss those special days,
When grandma's and little girls run away,
We're going to miss a lot you see,
But with you I will always be,
I'm in your blood ~ I'm in your past,
These family ties will always last,
Always know, that I'm proud of you,
And remember dear, I love you too.

Forever Dear,

Great Grandma


Thirty Years

Dear Stan,
Thirty years have come and gone,
Life has changed with each new dawn,
No longer a teen goofing around,
Or dragging Main all night uptown,
College days are in the past,
Staying young didn’t last,
Of course, you know all I say,
By watching over us everyday,
God gave you to us for a while,
Your memory still makes us smile,
He also took you away so far,
To Heaven on a beautiful star,
We send rockets in to the skies,
Searching out the answers why,
We find craters, rocks and brighter suns,
But, Heaven’s door bell is left unrung,
For if Heavens address were in reach,
Our rocket ships would have more seats,
In these seats your family would be,
On their way hoping to see,
To touch your face and hold your hand,
To hug you tight would feel so grand,
To hear your voice and your laugh,
To catch up on and remember the past,
You’re an uncle now times three,
All girls you’d love to see,
A reunion ~ A visit ~ A few minutes in time,
Just to hold and touch you one more time,
A family reunion outside Heaven’s Door,
We wouldn’t stay long ~ Or ask for more,
Just know that we love you still,
And we promise we always will,
Thirty years it’s been so long,
Yesterdays memories are so strong,
We love you big brother and mom loves you too,
Just thought it was time to write a letter to you.

~ With Tender Thoughts & Precious Moments ~
~ Your Family Loves You ~

Mom, Sis & Don

Brodis Stanley Lynch

June 21, 1956  -  December 25, 1973



Dear Son,
You are my beautiful baby boy,
You gave my life boundless joy,
You took our family from two to three,
And now, it's time for you to leave.
Thirteen years they say is old,
Just thirteen years ~ I can't let go,
My heart is breaking right into,
I can't imagine life without you.
You've been my shadow everyday,
You've been my friend and never strayed,
I never considered that someday you'd leave,
I still can't make myself believe.
You're growing weaker as the hours pass,
And I know that your strength can't last,
I roll your ball ~ No sparks to play,
I get your legs ~ You don't pull away.
You're not hungry anymore,
Not for ham or chicken or treats galore,
You're carried now from out to in,
From room to room and back again.
Your legs no longer help you stand,
So your sister gives you a hand,
In hopes to help find food you'll eat,
She cruises with you up & down fast food streets.
You are "my son" and her "brother" too,
And as you know "we both love you."
So take from us what you need,
It's hard for us to set you free,
Even Blacker your old mama cat,
Still guards and protects you between her naps.
So Dear Son, we must all let go,
It's time for your long journey "Home",
Go where the sun is always out,
With lots of shade trees strewn about,
With plenty of room for you and sis to play ball,
And I'll bring your necklace when I come to call.
There'll be long walks and games to play,
Our Family restored to yesterday,
We'll have time then to laugh and catch-up,
It'll be like starting over when you were a pup.

We Love You Son,
Mom, Sis & Blacker

Robert Thomason
February 25, 1988 - January 21, 2001


*In Remembrance of Margaret "Peg" Balthus

What Mothers Do

     She was a wife and a mother,
And she was lent to you,
She led you through your childhood,
As only a mother can do.
She walked beside you in teen years,
And held your hands at times,
She watched you make life's mistakes,
And knew that you'd be fine,
She stood beside you when you were grown,
And let you walk away,
She knew all the joys and sadness,
Of all mothers on that day.
She knew you couldn't stay,
The infant, child or teen -
And that life is a long-long journey,
And the future unforeseen,
Now, she has gone ahead,
To set the trail for you,
Because she is your Mother,
And That's "What Mother's Do."


*In Remembrance of Eugene C. Mouzin

What Father's Do

Your Dad is gone,
From your life now,
But, not from you ~

He brought you up,
And stood you tall,
He gave you pride ~

He taught you kindness,
Along with joy,
To fill your heart ~

He gave you,
All he had to give
He'll stay with you ~

The boy you were ~The man you are,
Are due to your Father's hands,
He sculpted you ~ Like an artist would,
An artist with a plan.

An artist could have done no better,
Than your Father did with you,
He filled your life with substance,
What More Could A Father Do?


*In Remembrance of Kelley Beckes Huebner

  She Was Your Wife (Husband)

  God Smiled on you ~ As one you became,
He led you through intermittent rains,
You laughed, you loved and you played,
He gave you time ~ Beautiful Days.
He held your hand when there was need,
He listened as your heart did bleed,
He cried tears for your soul,
He knew your pain in letting go,
He laid beside you in the night,
He stayed with you through the fight.

  The fight is over and death did win,
And you must know she is with Him,
As you became - So you part,
Let them both live in your heart,
Dry your tears and believe with all,
That some day soon you'll hear her call,
You'll hear her whisper in the breeze,
As the wind blows through the trees,
You'll see her smile and know her love,
Is showering down from above,
You'll see her nightly in your sleep,
After praying "your soul to keep."

     God smiled on you,
~ As you became ~
~ He was there in the beginning ~
The end was the same.


This poem works for both, husbands and wives.

He said, let there be words.  And behold, Poetry was  born.