Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning OriginalsAuthor of Award Winning Originals



SUPER BOWL XLI (Bears vs. Colts)

As darkness covered and the air was cold,
Monument Circle was a joy to behold,
Blue illumination drifted over the streets,
Voices rose and tears were sweet,
The Hoosier State was on the map,
All news channels played recaps,
The Indianapolis Colts played with heart,
As did the Chicago Bears from the start,
Super Bowl forty-one was Indiana’s first,
Happy Hoosiers were unrehearsed,
Florida State hosted The Bowl,
The Bears and Colts so proud to go,
The game was down and then it was up,
Bears and Colts both strutting their stuff,
Evenly matched team for team,
Even the coaches were living their dreams,
Both men were black ~ Both men were proud,
Both coaches deserved ~ The Super Bowl crowd,
So, history was made in more than one way,
Equality and Humanity ~ Shook hands and played,
A game is a game ~ And men are men,
And that’s all that matters in the end.
So many reporters were at this game,
All of their questions were the same,
Interviewed players lacked for words,
It didn't’t matter they couldn't’t be heard,
Cheering crowds and family shouts,
Happiness reigned without a doubt,
Each man spoke with voices of awe,
Refreshing to see what the viewers saw,
Pride not in self but for the next man,
And all showed loyalty for their fans,
Hoosiers at home felt a deeper pride,
As the crowds cheered and cried,
No riots occurred on this night,
So, the Colts and Bears ~ Both got it right.

Indianapolis Colts - 29   ~   Chicago Bears - 17


Colts players reach up and touch the Vince Lombardi trophy
after their unlikely run to the title.


Pictures and info came from the link below.


Tony Dungy and protégé Lovie Smith meet at midfield at game's end. The pair made history together as the first black head coaches in Super Bowl history.


Pictures were found at


A team picture of the Chicago Bears could not be found.  Only a collage of eight players could be found.  I promise I looked for hours and then enlisted help.  After three nights of surfing sports pictures and every search engine we could think of.   I said, "uncle."


To the Chicago Bears and their fans, I called the Chicago Bears and asked for a team photo.  I now know why I could not find their team photo.  Now get this...  They do not take a team photo.  I do not understand this practice.  The Bears are legendary not to mention all of the historical firsts that they made.

After watching the after affects of so many pro-games.   It was wonderful to see that there was no rioting or mayhem.  That in itself is a redeeming quality of our teams, fans and T. V. watchers.  You showed the world that Illinois and Indiana has class.  On behalf of the Hoosier State,  "Thank you."


*I no longer have the articles that went with these links.  Again, I never thought about these links disappearing.  I will keep looking.