Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning OriginalsAuthor of Award Winning Originals



Tell me Brother ~ When it’s time to come home?
How does one know ~ When they can seize to roam?
Where is the wisdom ~ In walking these streets?
When is enough ~ For a soul’s release?
Letting go of one’s life ~ Isn’t exactly right,
Yet existence is wrong ~ In all rays of light,
How does one know ~ Why they are here,
If they have no life ~ And never had a career?

Tell me brother ~ That you've got my hand,
While walking through life ~ On cement and sand,
Life is closer to impossible ~ With each new day,
Except for "The Boy" ~ My world's in decay,
Happiness lives in this one little boy,
He's funny and smart ~ My blessing and joy,
My world expands ~ With each breath he takes,
My heart cries ~ When tears stream down his face,
The pain in my body ~ Hurts less than my soul,
When his world crashes ~ And he can't be consoled,
He needs a champion ~ Much stronger than me,
Someone that knows ~ It's ok to dream and believe.

Tell me Brother ~ Is alone meant to be?
Or, is there a reason ~ That can’t be foreseen?
Life means Living ~ So one would think,
Existence a joke ~ Just like the wink-wink.
When failure seems ~ To be the way life is,
Where’s the equation ~ To life’s long ago fizz?
Where is the secret ~ One needs to thrive,
To Be Happy And Healthy ~ And Truly Alive?

Jerri-Faye Thomason © 2017