Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning OriginalsAuthor of Award Winning Originals

The Real Batman




Born into a mortal world ~ With parental love,
This boy was delivered ~ On the wings of a dove,
He grew up happy ~ And he grew up kind,
His life was blessed ~ As the world would find,
Peace could have been his middle name,
From birth ~ It seems his life was ordained,
From farming to opera ~ Worlds far and wide,
He lived in both ~ With no divide,
Before his future ~ Had a chance to begin,
His dreams would play out ~ Finding ‘him’ within,
College and marriage first called his name,
Then Warner Brothers did the same,
Warner Brothers made him a Contract Player,
He found his dream ~ And never wavered,
Uncle Sam called ~ And drafting occurred,
Two years in the Army ~ Proudly served,
As the stars fell into line,
His life too ~ Was being defined,
The man he was ~ And the man he would be,
Not even he ~ Could have foreseen.


As dreams unfurled before the worlds eyes,
The new world’s signal lit the night skies,
From the wings of a dove ~ To the sign of the bat,
Batman was unleashed ~ A Hero in black,
Batman was good ~ Justice at its best,
A yellow-winged-bat ~ Became Batman’s crest,
He had Robin who helped fight evil at will,
Goodness triumphed ~ As the duo revealed,
The Joker, The Penguin and The Cat Woman too,
Never had a chance ~ Against the two,
Children watched Batman ~ On TV for years,
They saw evil die ~ By slaying ones fears,
Batman hasn't disappeared ~ He lives on today,
Good doesn’t die ~ When humanity is saved.
Adam West and Batman ~ They live in the wind,
We Say Thank You To Both ~ But Not “Goodbye Or The End.”

Adam West (Born: William West Anderson)
September 19, 1928 ~ June 9, 2017

Jerri-Faye Thomason © 2017