Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning Originals

Author of Award Winning OriginalsAuthor of Award Winning Originals


 President Ford 

 President Gerald R. Ford

Flags hang low across this land,
Yet, proudly fly ~ For an honored man,
He was not elected Commander and Chief,
He served at a time of turmoil and grief,
Bernstein and Woodward of The Washington Post,
Broke “The Watergate Scandal” ~ Thanks to “Deep Throat”
Nixon resigned ~ Most thought in disgrace,
He waved his goodbyes as he vacated this place,
Vice President Ford stepped forward that day,
His words were simple ~ The truth was his way,
Now, as President ~ He saw America scarred,
To heal her wounds is where he would start,
His stay was short ~ Yet, history was made,
He never regretted the pardon he gave,
The pardon was his defining role,
And angry citizens told him so,
Not many remember his other deeds,
Like ending the war over seas,
Vietnam divided ~ North against south,
Americans too ~ Had their doubts,
Dictatorship vs. Freedom of land,
The issues were simple but not so the war plan,
As President Ford with strength did guide,
The winds of war changed their tides,
Saigon fell and the war did end,
South Vietnam was left by her friend,
Prisoners of war on the nightly news,
It broke many hearts to see this abuse,
All-in-all, this war took its toll,
And America lost bits of her soul,
So, President Ford did understand,
That his mission in life was at hand,
Intuitive he was in politics and life,
Steadfast to his country, children and wife,
Infidelity a word never linked to his name,
Genuine and honor never hungry for fame,
Never a scandal ~ Not even a hint,
He came ~ He served ~ Then he went,
Leaving his office with dignity and pride,
Thank you Mr. President ~ For being our guide.
 Thank You Mr. President & God Bless America
(Our 38th President)
President Gerald Rudolph Ford
July 14, 1913 - December 26, 2006


Pictures came from President Ford's official website. As I stated earlier,

the information came from myself and two high school fiends.

The nightly news confirmed our memories.



The World News Tonight With Peter Jennings

“If Peter don’t tell me ~ I don’t need to know.”
These words were spoke with humor bestowed,
I watched him report and share with the world,
His insights given as the news was unfurled,
Then one evening out of the blue,
He spoke of his illness to me and to you,
Lung cancer had invaded his life,
A leave he was taking ~ So he could fight,
Dan Rather was gone ~ Tom Brokaw too,
It seemed as if Peter was already doomed,
He lost his fight ~ The cancer did win,
The world now grieves with his family and friends,
The World News Tonight will not be the same,
With Peter Jennings no longer named.
As he reported his news on the air,
There sat a man who really did care,
He flew the oceans ~ He sailed the skies,
To inform his world ~ No truth denied,
Foreign lands where old cultures lie,
Where people aren‘t heard when they cry,
Peter did bring these stories to light,
Giving a voice and exposing their plights,
While watching him deliver the news,
The world became smaller because we now knew,
As he spoke to the camera each day,
His eyes said things his voice didn’t say,
Peter is gone from his family ~ Gone from his home,
Gone from this world that he loved to roam,
Maybe he’s reporting in Heaven’s own Sphere,
Telling our Father ~ How it is here.

“If Peter don’t tell me ~ I don’t need to know,”
~~~ I guess these words are no longer so. ~~~

Peter Jennings
July 29, 1938
August 8, 2005


Picture from:





Paradise so gentle ~ So easy and free,
Paradise interrupted ~ As the world would see,
An earthquake beneath the ocean floor,
Sent gigantic waves colliding with coastal shores,
Unknown to all who lived and played,
Destruction was coming ~ And all betrayed,
The waters were a livelihood to many a man,
They worked and played ~ Trusting their plan,
Then it came ~ Out of no where it seemed,
Waves of terror ~ Nightmares undreamed,
Water was rolling and rushing to meet,
All in it’s path would soon know defeat,
As on lookers watched ~ Struck by it’s awe,
They stood in its path and caught in the yaw,
Some did run trusting their eyes,
For most it was to late and many would die,
Violent waves unleashed on the land,
Took hostage of all ~ Claiming all on the sand,


As the waves crashed on to the beach,
They rushed on past into the streets,
Swept up into the violent waves,
Thousands found themselves enslaved,
Caught in the grips of this watery beast,
Fighting for freedom as their fear increased,
Some clung to their husbands and wives,
Mothers held babies and fathers heard cries,
Babies were ripped from their parents arms,
Virtually all found bodily harm,
The waters receded almost with a suck,
Relieved and fascinated ~ Till the waters re-struck,
Onlookers again in the way of this creature,
Couldn’t believe the fierceness of nature,
These waves rolled on past the beaches and streets,
Into the villages devouring all that it meets,
Rolling over and demolishing buildings and homes,
Leaving nations destroyed and millions to roam,


Orphaned children ~ Parents too,
Death and destruction ~ In panoramic view,
Thousands upon thousands in eleven nations die,
Leave millions wondering and asking God, “Why?”
Bodies are lying where the waters did carry,
Lost in the muck and thus they do tarry,
Waiting to be found and then to be named,
Their families are searching trying to reclaim,
Needing to take their dead loved ones home,
Alive they may be ~ But their souls are alone,
Some stand at the ocean’s edge,
Waiting for the waves to return their dead,
Other sift thru the dead that wait,
The horrors they see as the bodies stagnate,
The odor worsens as each day does pass,
Searching and burying ~ A monumental task,
Disease is the next fear to ensue,
With no clinics open and hospitals few.


~ No homes to seek
~ No food to eat,
~ No place to bathe or to sit,
~ Life here is now unfit,
~ No gauze or medicine to treat the wounds,
~ No, healing here will not come soon,
~ No where for the weak or the brave,
~ Yet, they stand each brand new day.


The world heard their collective cries,
They viewed the scenes where thousands died,
Understanding this unfathomable loss,
Likens itself to the theory of chaos,
So understanding will be left undone,
Being content with each new sun,
Only aid will help these zones,
To remove the rubble and the stones,
Many nations rise up to give,
Wanting to help the survivors live,
They send food, water, and clothes,
Tent Cities to shelter the ones exposed,
Water treatment equipment to ease their plight,
Technical personnel to lend insight,
Doctors and nurses from many places,
Come to help these endearing sad faces,
As millions of citizens send money their way,
Via the Red Cross, Unicef and a charities buffet,
Children are giving their piggy banks,
Showing adults that help is better than tanks,
Children helping children across many nations,
Reaching out to ~ The Tsunami Generation,
And adults too feel with their hearts,
As churches and communities do their parts,
Collecting clothes, shoes and toys too,
Helping the victims is what most want to do,
Even Hollywood got in the act,
Singing for free ~ Hoping that the world would react.
“Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope,”
What started with a wave ~ Has ended with “Arms Across The Globe.”

As of today 162,000 people have died in 11 nations. Aanywhere from
2.5 to 5 million people have been displaced.   Indonesia, Malaysia,
Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, 

Somalia, Kenya & Tanzania



Reminiscent of recent times,
Terroristic and unthinkable crimes
Death filled air ~ Death uncapped,
Terrorism is now globally mapped,
Nothing is sacred ~ No one secure,
How much more can a country endure?
Two planes fell from the sky,
All eighty-nine instantly die,
A suicide bomber with bombs in place,
Took nine more souls in a twisted disgrace,
Russia’s been hit ~ And been hit hard,
It’s left one little town eternally scared,
Militants held captive a public school,
Mere children thrown into a cesspool,
Bombs were made and placed just so,
These children had no place to go,
They were made to watch as time ticked by,
Knowing that they were going to die,
No food or water for students or staff,
No comforting arms on their behalf,
Lost little souls in a soulless room,
Knowing this room would be their tomb,
Torment inside these walls was depraved,
Outside these walls families cried and prayed,
Moms and dads were losing their minds,
Knowing their kids were running out of time,
Needing to hug and kiss them again,
Needing to mend their unknown sin,
Needing to say the “I love yous”,
Needing to be there to see them through,
Needing to walk them to the other side,
Needing to be there to hold and guide,
But watching is all they were allowed to do,
Two days of hell before the rescue,
A rescue that went sadly awry,
God only knows why so many died...
Many were wounded ~ Body and Soul,
Why they were spared only God Knows...
Parents are lost ~ Lost in plain sight,
Lost in a world ~ Searching for light,
A nation is crying as one does cry,
This country has lost something inside,
As a people they’re strong and holding onto,
The hope that God will see them through.


Pictures from:




FAHRENHEIT 9/11: Michael Moore

Men of Art who’ve something to say,
Relay the message of their day,
Tis so now as in the past,
Fate proclaims it’s not the last,
Some men are right ~ Some are wrong,
Some spew evil in the form of song,
Men do differ from day to night,
Some believe they have the sight,
Others seek their fortune and fame,
Preying on the weak ~ A sporting game,
Attacking the masses in their heartland,
Monetary Value the price they demand.
A man now lives in this time,
Value free unless it makes him a dime,
Political rightness isn’t a thought,
He slurs his country and worries not,
His countrymen war in a distant land,
Trying to lend this country a hand,
To free a people under dictator’s rule,
Poverty ridden and treated cruel,
As soldiers fight and as soldiers die,
His ears don’t hear their pleas and cries,
Many die on this foreign soil,
Their families live in constant turmoil,
But this man is selling his play,
Millions listen to what he has to say,
So he makes a coin and turns a head,
A bomb explodes ~ More soldiers are dead.
From country to county and door to door,
Selling his views ~ Michael Moore,
In the form of a play with clips of news,
Fahrenheit 9/11 made its debut,
A documentary of its time?
It’s not true ~ But it made his dime.


fighting words: A wartime lexicon.

Unfairenheit 9/11

The lies of Michael Moore.

By Christopher Hitchens
Posted Monday, June 21, 2004, at 3:26 PM ET

Picture also from the site of:

In his own words Filmmakers' quotes on America, the warMichael Moore's new movie "Fahrenheit 9/11'' has raised temperatures in Republican circles - and that's intentional.  Find these quotes at


 The Procession

SAD... SAD... NEWS...
President Reagan has died,
Ten years of Alzheimer’s,
Yet, his wife was at his side.

Silence... Solitude...
It is comfortable and right,
For the thousands of mourners,
Who come to bid him goodnight.

A flag draped coffin...
His body inside,
As he laid-in-waiting,
For his country’s goodbye.

Guarded by the military,
Even in death he did glow,
Respect given in honor,
The love he’ll never know.

His body is moved...
In order to share,
For this man was loved,
A president who cared.

D.C. awaited...
Their Commander and Chief,
As the horse drawn carriage,
Crept through the streets.

The Riderless Horse...
With backward boots,
Surrounded by servicemen,
Their ultimate salute.

Twenty - one planes...
Soar in the sky,
One veers off,
As if he had died.

Ascending the steps...
Being carried by men
To the Capitol Rotunda,
For a farewell from friends.

Heart felt Words...
A prayer or two,
A family and nation,
Bid him ado.

A national funeral...
America’s eulogy,
For a favored president,
Millions watched on TV.

After Laying In State...
His duty did end,
To this great nation,
He called friend.

America too...
Shed a tear,
For a President,
She held so dear.

He helped her up...
Balanced her stand,
Gave her pride,
By holding her hand.

So America returned...
This family man,
To the wife who adored him,
For his final plans.

“God Bless and Keep you...
And thank you dear sir,
We’ll watch over your love,
Untill you’re with her.”


President Ronald Wilson Reagan
February 6, 1911
June 5, 2004

Note: - Reagan's body arrives in Washington
.. Reagan Funeral Procession through Washington, DC, 06/09/2004 ... 
WASHINGTON -- With the storied riderless horse ... the fallen president, 
Ronald Reagan's casket rolled ..



The Passion of the Christ,
Is making such a stir,
Viewers now think twice,
About the biblical word,
Harsh and violent were the scenes,
Of Christ's last day as man,
Cruelty beyond our means,
It's hard to comprehend,
Yet, Christ's last day alive,
Has transcended time,
His story has survived,
And the reason why he died,
Brutal is to kind of word,
To describe His last day,
All the pain He endured,
For our sins to wash away,
He was betrayed by a kiss,
By a man he called friend,
All because of His spiritual bliss,
His life was His stipend,
Flogged before the crowd,
Till His skin was stripped away,
Then fitted with a crown,
Adorned with thorns inlay,
Then a cross was given Him,
To carry through the streets,
His time on earth was growing dim,
His Father ~ He would meet,
Yet, dying He had to do,
To free the world of sin,
He and His Father knew,
That death was not the end.


  37. The Passion of the Christ (2004) $604,370,943

  Last update: February 4, 2008

There are 325 movies listed: I did not copy & paste the complete listings.

 Complete and up to date info can be found at:




The Ten Commandments seared in stone,
Moses climbed that mountain alone,
He followed his visions knowing his fate,
He believed in God and Heaven's Gate.
He believed in something bigger than man,
Moses knew that God had a plan,
So these tablets were handed down,
From his generation to present day now.
Man verses man on moral issues,
It's all played out in judicial venues,
The Ten Commandments is at the heart,
Tearing the church and state apart,
The Ten Commandments have been ingrained,
And from the beginning there was no shame,
No harm has come from knowing these Ten,
They deterred crime by naming the sin,
They made a people ~ They made a town,
They made a country ~ They made the rounds,
The Ten Commandments are the strength of man,
They are the foundation on which to stand,
There is no harm in words that are good,
From God ~ To Moses ~ To All Manhood.


Ten Commandments judge removed from office Friday, November 14, 2003 

Picture from CNN

This was written in response to Judge Roy Moore standing up for The Ten Commandments Monument.   He fought for their right to be displayed in government buildings.  This dispute took place in Alabama.  The Judge & The Ten Commandments both lost.

Foundation for Moral Law, Inc.
Welcome to the. The official site of the
Ten Commandments Defense Fund--Chief Justice Roy Moore, ...


Little Boy Soldiers

Two little boys on their bellies flat,
Head to head planning their next attack,
Green little soldiers strewn in-between,
A war is on ~ The fighting is mean,
Three green soldiers fall over dead,
A whistle is heard ~ Bombs over head,
Boom, boom, boom and noises galore,
These are the sounds of boys playing war,
A normal day for American lads,
A game passed on from grandpas and dads,
A game of play where no one dies,
Where everyone lives and no one cries.

Oceans away in Africa so deep,
A secret war is being played for keeps,
Little boys being taken from their homes,
Little boys who now have to survive alone,
Kidnapped, trained and forced learn,
To be a warrior ~ His main concern,
He learns to shoot a gun his size,
He learns to kill and watch men die,
He learns to hurt and to maim,
He learns it all to his shame,
Oceans away in the Congo deep
Little boys here are afraid to sleep,
For in this place age doesn’t matter,
War is real and noise isn’t clatter,
And the only toy that’s going to die,
Is the little boy soldier whose afraid to cry.


REUTERS PICTURES: Child soldiers in Congo

 Child soldiers drill with weapons in an ethnic Hema militia camp near Bunia in the Democratic Republic of Congo, June 16, 2003. REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen REF: BUN07D

ReliefWeb: The Use of Children as Soldiers in Africa
... dispensable commodities, they tend to receive little or no ... that the lack of control of boy soldiers was as ... The boy was nonetheless condemned to death, although ...

What's Going On: Michael Douglas's Story
... they talked, Michael let Abu set the pace, following with gentle questions about his life as a child soldier. He sensed that there was a little boy inside the ...




Injured Children

Injured children ~ Broken lives,
Trusted men with God inside,
Men who preached to the masses,
Men who befriended lads and lasses,
They smiled and joked weaving trust,
But goodness here was only crust.

They took aside the very young,
They spoke with a deceitful tongue,
In most cases they were little boys,
To teach them love was their ploy,
With every word and every touch,
A Godless man reeked his lust.

 Injured children ~ Broken lives,
Trusted men with God inside,
After raping these little boys,
Entertainment ~ Just little toys,
Now, they hid all the facts,
Covered their horriffic acts.

 The church its self hid these men,
By moving them from glen to glen,
So, the violence made it rounds,
And the men of God made no sound,
But the hurt grew from boys to men,
Scared, but facing what happened to them.

 Now, standing tall as proud men do,
Demanding answers and penalties too,
The church now is hearing their cries,
Trying to answer their questions why?
Not understanding the church and its ways,
Justice and religion has surely decayed.

 Injured children ~ Broken lives,
Trusted men with God inside.

Note: is full of links on priests accountability.

Accounts by Survivors and Their Friends and Families can be found (I have left these boys unnamed because I believe that they have lived through enough.) 

Priest Paul Shanley is featured in Unholy Communion, on the same site,  A Documentary History of the Crisis

Timeline of Events, Documents, Reporting, and Commentary

Molestations: 244 Accused in Molesting 656 Youth  (I have not found this article yet)
Priest Molestations: 244 Involved in Molesting 656 Youth - size 23.0K